My Journey

Finding my soul gifts and creating a life that aligned with my authentic self has been and ongoing journey…

…and it wasn’t that easy in the beginning. I grew up in the deep South, and as a result, I have nice manners, a love of beauty, and an accent. I know how to cook things like cheese grits and spoon bread, and I was taught that an accommodating nature was the key to getting along in the world. I cherish the traditions and the beauty of my roots, but learning to constantly abandon myself for the sake of pleasing others wasn’t supporting the life I wanted to create.

I felt stifled and frustrated a lot. Obligation was my constant companions, and I wasn’t able to get traction and experience the joy of completion with anything because my goals were at the bottom of the list. I was an empath, but I didn’t know it.  I could feel what people around me were feeling, but I had no idea what was theirs and what was mine. I spent a lot of time trying to adjust myself to please other people and the more I did this, the more lost I felt. Maybe you can relate, and you know this was a hard way to live… and then everything changed for the worse.

When I was 29 years old my whole life fell apart. Up to that point, I had diligently worked to follow “the rules”. I had graduated from college, married my college sweetheart, earned a master’s degree in Art History and had a baby daughter. I thought that I was doing everything “right”. My family was happy, I had lots of friends, a gorgeous husband, a beautiful baby, and a cute house.

Underneath this pretty exterior things weren’t so perfect. My husband hated his job and dreaded getting up every morning. I was feeling heavy and overwhelmed but had no idea how to change any of it. We thought if we just kept going that somehow it would resolve itself. We were not prepared for what came next. While our daughter was still an infant, my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died two years later. It was a traumatic experience and a devastating loss. This harsh wake up call left me searching for answers on a deep spiritual level.

The Wake Up Call

My life completely changed as a result of this trauma, but mourning this loss while simultaneously raising my toddler and rebuilding my life sent me on a quest to discover my soul gifts and reclaim my power. I  started asking myself questions like, “What do I truly desire?” and “What do I want to create in my life?” Searching for these answers led me to unearth old karmic patterns, learn to clear these energies, get reacquainted with my Highest Self and my true soul purpose.

By embracing my intuition and letting my Highest Self guide me, I found my authentic voice and started creating a brand new life that was aligned with my Soul Gifts. I’ve since learned that while it often takes a crisis to initiate an awakening, it’s not necessary to wait for a crisis in order to transform. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping creative folks find their soul gifts and learn to align with them now.

Creating Something Brand New

When I started letting my Highest Self take the wheel, the journey got a lot more interesting and fun. I found my way to the beautiful Berkshires where my creative soul found support and grounding, while my daughter grew up in a magical place. Years later, I found myself being guided back down South to be closer to my family. It was my intention to allow more love into my life and being far away from my daughter, sister and parents had run its course. I had no idea that I was being guided back to connect to a soul partner and experience love in an even deeper way. In 2020 I got married to a wonderful man I’ve know since the 4th grade, and I’ve been amazed at how life has unfolded with such beautiful symmetry. You really can’t make this stuff up!

I’ve spent almost two decades studying and practicing art, spirituality, coaching, tarot, yoga, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Theta Healing®, the IN-Vizion® process, and most recently adopting an incredible compassion-based modality that profoundly changes lives. My Highest Self has led me to some amazing teachers for whom I am so grateful: Sonia Choquette has been inspiring me to live and love my Spirit since 2003, and I have completed her Six Sensory Leadership Training. I’ve also studied with Andrrea Hess, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Colette Baron-Reid, Carolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, and Edward Mannix to name a few.

My passion is guiding creative souls to live in alignment with their soul gifts and step into their power.  We need the kind, beauty-loving, sensitive souls of this world to have bigger voices and impact.  I want to help you experience the amazing abundance you possess. There is something unique, and powerful that wants to emerge in your life. I want to help you find clarity around your desires, dissolve the energetic and karmic obstacles that are keeping you from living them, and help you experience the love, abundance, and satisfaction of sharing your gifts with the world.

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