My Journey

I grew up in the South, and as a result, I have nice manners, a love of beauty, and an accent. I know how to cook things like cheese grits and spoon bread, and I was taught that an accommodating nature was the key to getting along in the world. Being able to adapt to other people’s needs was a great skill, and it did ensure that they liked me. However, as I got older, I started to realize that I was often living out of alignment with my authentic desires, and it wasn’t working out that well.

I felt stifled a lot. Mild anxiety and discomfort were my constant companions, and I didn’t know anything about self-compassion. I was an empathetic people-pleaser. I could feel what people around me were feeling, but I had no idea what was theirs and what was mine. Subsequently, I spent a lot of time trying to adjust myself to make others happy. homecoming-1986-jennifer-currieMaybe you can relate, and I imagine you can see how this wasn’t a very fun way to live, but I did it for a long time… and then everything changed.

When I was 29 years old my whole life fell apart. Up to that point, I had diligently worked to follow “the rules”. I had graduated from college, married my college sweetheart, earned a master’s degree in Art History and had a baby daughter. I thought that I was doing everything “right”. My family was happy, I had lots of friends, a gorgeous husband, a beautiful baby, and a really cute house.

There was also the fact that my husband, Chris, hated his job and dreaded getting up every morning. I was also feeling lost and overwhelmed but had no idea how to change any of it. We thought if we just kept going that somehow it would resolve itself. We were not prepared for what came next. While our daughter was still an infant, Chris was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died two years later. It was a traumatic experience and a devastating loss. With one fell swoop my life fell into ruin, but I have since learned that every experience in life brings blessings… even the most tragic.

The Wake Up Call

My life completely changed during my husband’s illness and after his death. It was pretty rough, but mourning this loss while simultaneously raising my toddler and rebuilding my life put me on a path to self-empowerment. Scraping the rock bottom made me start asking myself questions like, “What do I truly desire?” and “What do I want to create in my life?” Searching for these answers led me to get reacquainted with my Higher Self or Spirit, as I like to call it.

By discovering my Spirit and embracing my intuition, I found my authentic voice and started creating a brand new life that was aligned with my Soul Nature. I’ve since learned that it often takes a crisis to initiate an awakening, but I also know that it’s not necessary to wait for a crisis in order to transform. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping creative folks embrace their authentic passions and learn to live them now.

I experienced intense sadness and victim-hood for a while before I was ready to change, but sinking into misery actually opened the door for profound healing. I spent several years feeling overwhelmed and ungrounded. I made tons of mistakes and was really hard on myself. None of my old coping skills were working ~ my “people-pleasing and accommodating” was getting me into one mess after another, and I had no margin to absorb this. Something had to give.

One day as I was picking up my daughter from preschool I burst into tears from pure exhaustion. My daughter’s teacher (a human angel I’m convinced) suggested that I could pray for help from my guardian angels ~ that maybe this practice could help me learn to trust and relax a bit. About that same time I had a very perceptive doctor advise me to start doing simple nurturing things to take better care of myself. Those suggestions began shifting everything. Something had to change, so I decided to surrender and try things a new way. When my choices changed, my life changed. I started learning the basics of unlocking my own riches. I began to sleep and take better care of myself; I learned to listen to my intuition instead of ignoring it; I began to express my creativity; I learned to meditate; and I learned to forgive myself for not being perfect. I am still learning these things everyday, but the decision to trust my intuition, pay attention to my authentic desires, and feed my Spirit transformed my life.

Creating Something Brand New

When I started letting my Higher Self take the wheel, the journey got a lot more interesting and fun. My Spirit brought me to the beautiful Berkshire Mountains where my creativity found support and grounding, and I set up a studio and began painting. I attended a tarot class purely on a whim, only to discover that this amazing tool was filled with archetypes and symbols that opened up my intuition and helped me learn more about myself. It taught me the language of the unconscious, fueled my creativity, and led me to trust my inner guidance more deeply. I have been using it {and loving it} ever since.

I’ve spent over a decade studying and practicing art, spirituality, coaching, tarot, yoga, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Theta Healing®, and the IN-Vizion® process. My spirit has led me to some other amazing teachers for whom I am so grateful: Sonia Choquette has been inspiring me to live and love my Spirit since 2003, and I have completed her Six Sensory Leadership Training. I’ve also studied with Andrrea Hess, Elizabeth Pfeiffer, Colette Baron-Reid, Carolyn Myss, and Marianne Williamson to name a few.

In 2011 I started combining all these interests to create Soul Portraits and my Soul Purpose Coaching blossomed out of that. My passion is guiding conscious creatives to unlock the riches within. I want to help you see and experience the amazing abundance you possess. There is something beautiful, unique, and powerful that wants to emerge in your life. I want to help you find clarity around your desires, dissolve the obstacles that are keeping you from living them, and help you experience the love, abundance, and satisfaction of knowing that you are giving your authentic gift to the world and receiving more than you could imagine in return. I want you to feel the power of your Truth and shine your light brightly as you live on purpose.

I love working with folks who are feeling the pull of their authentic Soul Gifts ~ you may not know what wants to emerge yet, but you know that you want to create something new and meaningful in your life. Whether you are on a creative path, starting a business, seeking inner peace in the midst of a busy life, or all of the above, I’m honored to walk this path with you and share what I’ve learned on my own journey. As an Intuitive Artist, Coach and Teacher my mission is to help you connect with your gifts, talents, dreams, and creative potential ~ to build a life around your passions instead of trying to squeeze your passions into your life. I want to help you live in alignment with your Divine Spirit and experience joy, freedom, and abundance.

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