Calling All Conscious Creatives ~ It’s Time to Shine!

Mini Oracle Paintings like this one will be available in my etsy shop in February.
Mini Oracle Paintings like this one will be available in my Etsy shop in February 2015 GO HERE to check it out.

Happy 2015!! It’s a new year and a new energy! I always feel like the first card of the year sets a tone that runs throughout, and I felt a particular burst of happy inspiration when the archetype of THE SUN showed up. This card is all about creative action, prosperity, possibility, and joyfully expressing yourself authentically. Pretty good stuff, huh?

It got me thinking about small ways to bring creative action into the everyday, and it also got me thinking about a term I’ve been kicking around in my head over the past few months: Conscious Creative.

Conscious Creatives are all about bringing beauty, creativity and authentic expression to your everyday life. It matters to you. A lot. You see the world in a unique way and sometimes you may feel a little too unique for the world. You are attracted to what others create, you have a lot of ideas, and you are either acting on those creative ideas or hoping to {one day}. You are looking for purpose and ways to connect the dots between inspiration and manifestation…but you know that creative expression whether it be through painting, writing, cooking, jewelry-making or gardening‚Ķ is a key to your own contentment.

If this description really resonates, then the message of THE SUN is especially for you. It’s a call to action for all creative, multi-passionate spirits. The world needs your gifts. We need you to be more empowered, more visible, and more abundant. This may sound like a tall order… but really all it requires if for you to be YOU.

What actions are you taking that bring you joy, that spark your creativity, and make you feel like a kid again? That’s what THE SUN is asking. So pause and check in. If you feel like there are some gaps, then choose one small daily action that will shift you into this space. If you’re a Conscious Creative who isn’t doing your creative work… well, that’s where you need to begin. A doodle a day, 15 minutes writing {whatever it is that you’re wanting to write}, taking a photo a day, quick mini collages… you get the picture. Whatever it is that you keep thinking about doing, wanting to do, or saying one day you’ll do… just begin.

THE SUN is an action card. It’s time to stop thinking, planning, and getting ready… and just start. It’s simple and huge at the same time. You’re already full to the brim with inspiration, but it needs to go somewhere… it needs an outlet. The more you use it, the more you’ll discover you have, and the more your life will transform in magical ways.

I have to confess that this was a challenge for me for many years. I had so many ideas and interests. I loved learning new things, reading, and dreaming… but my life wasn’t changing. I knew that my Spirit loved doing creative things, but I wasn’t doing them regularly because I kept waiting for those long stretches of time to appear {and often they didn’t}. I felt a deep desire to be more authentic, to say no when I really felt “no”, and to be vulnerable enough to try new things that I knew were going to stretch me because they were scaring the h*** out of me.

I spent a long time “getting ready”… and still have to push myself some days to just let things be imperfect and get going. This has been a massive lesson for me, but the biggest, most empowering, clarifying and game-changing moments for me have happened because of small daily actions that allowed me to bring my creative energy into form. I just had to choose something, and I learned along the way that there are many, many paths to the empowerment and manifestation we seek. So use your creative super power ~ choice and decide to do something different, expand with baby steps, give your inspirations a place to land, and do it with devotion.

If you get stuck along the way or don’t have clarity about what this might look like for you right now… don’t worry. I’m here to support you because it’s absolutely possible to create miraculous shifts and clear the way for your spirit to shine. Here’s to a prosperous, creative, and empowered year! xo


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