Enjoy Your Abundant Harvest


It’s the season of harvest right now, and I love the synchronicity of pulling the 10 of Pentacles this week. This card is about abundance. Traditionally, it means prosperity in the form of money, but it can also be any form of good living. Good food, good friends, health, creative outlets, and comfort are all ways we experience abundance in our lives. With the Ten, something has grown into it’s fullest expression and it continues to flourish.

What’s in your abundant harvest? What has grown in your life from the seeds you’ve been planting? It’s a great question to ask yourself right now because it will take you straight into gratitude. It will also give you clues about what’s working great and has lots of energy behind it… and what isn’t.

Writing this article got me thinking about my own personal harvest, and I was surprised to realize that there was so much more there than I was noticing on the surface. When I took a closer look, I saw lots of tangible results from the seeds I planted over the past year.

I looked around my studio at a whole new body of work I’ve created, thought about all the amazing people I have met this year, took a moment to pat myself on the back for the journey with my coaching certification, and thought about my website launch… these were just a few things that I noticed.

I also realized that sometimes I don’t notice how far I’ve come. Are there some blessings you’re overlooking because they seem too small or you’ve been so busy “gardening” that you forgot to take a step back and notice what’s blooming all around you?

The Ten of Pentacles is asking us to take inventory of everything that is showing up in our lives as the result of intentions we set, changes we’ve made, projects we’ve invested in, and goals we’ve hit. It’s time to witness how far you have come, and enjoy it!

Also, a Ten signals the ending of one cycle along with the beginning of another. You may find that along with your joyful witnessing you start to notice things you’re ready to complete: stuff you want to give away, projects that have been sapping your energy without producing results, and areas of energetic congestion that have kept certain seeds from sprouting.

It’s absolutely ok to do some cleaning out as you go. This could be physically cleaning out areas of your house or office or it could be a good email purge. It might just mean taking that giant stack of books on your bedside table and putting them back on the shelf.

Our outer worlds are a reflection of our inner worlds, and I’ve had many teachers point out to me over the years that you’ll know how much you have shifted when you look around at what is manifesting in your life. The Ten of Pentacles is inviting you to notice and enjoy what you’ve created… it’s also an opportunity to free yourself of any creations that feel burdensome or detracts from a sense of abundance.

Your energy is your personal currency and where you “invest” it, is where things will grow and expand. Take a little time to notice what is blooming around you. You are a creative force in this world and your spirit wants you to enjoy the fruits of your labors. xo


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