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Discover How You Create BEst

artwork by Jennifer Currie

You're a powerful creative soul with a unique way of manifesting.

Find out how you create best!

You've read every book on abundance and manifesting you can get your hands on. You totally embraced the Law of Attraction. You've spent hours making vision boards, mapping out your desires, and working with the phases of the moon. You've done the down-to-earth systems for clearing clutter, getting organized and getting your financial life in order. You've even carried crystals around in your wallet and purse and written positive affirmations all around your house.

You've also taken lots of actions, but your results feel spotty at best. There are some things you've been intending for so long that it's starting to feel like wishful thinking.

It's time to unpack and demystify the manifesting process and learn how your unique soul blueprint can guide the way. Manifesting is all about alignment and there's a unique flow and mastery that is YOURS. Learn about it and start "getting there" with clarity and efficiency.

Manifesting tangible results requires that you vibrationally match whatever you want to experience. You have a unique soul-level manifesting blueprint. It isn't "one size fits all". That's why vision boards work like magic for some people and don't produce much of a shift for others.

What We'll Address

There are 3 essential components to manifesting, & we'll unpack all of them.

Clear Intention & Clarity around the Essence of What you desire

Effective manifesting requires that you have clear intentions that align with your soul gifts. We'll work with your Soul Profile, so you'll understand how to create powerful goals that are aligned with your potent areas of mastery. You'll learn why your desires are so important to your manifesting effectiveness.

Alignment & Activation of Soul Gifts

We'll work to clear blocks around your soul gifts and unpack a deeper understanding of your areas of genius. We'll activate these qualities, and you'll learn to connect with them in a new way. This fosters a deep appreciation and love of your gifts. The more you step into owning your gifts, the more powerful you are in your manifesting.

Right Action

Your Manifesting Blueprint is an action guide that shows you the ways to approach creating that are most effective for you. We'll take each of the 7 components of your unique blueprint and work with them as tools to get you more aligned and working smarter instead of harder.

Your Experience

When we work together through a coaching package, we'll spend time unpacking your Manifesting Blueprint. There are 7 aspects that guide you around the energy and actions that work best for you in your creation process. Manifesting IS creating, and learning about your Blueprint can support you in every area of your life. 

I'll research your Manifesting Blueprint in your Akashic Records and spend time in your sessions explaining each of these 7 components. I'll look into how aligned you currently are with each component, and we'll clear energetic blocks where there are misalignemts. I will also give you practical coaching homework to guide you in working with these aspects of your soul in a day-to-day way.

Aligning with Your Manifesting Blueprint is all about strengthening your spiritual muscles, tuning into the aligned vibration of what you desire and learning to hold your energy internally so you become a magnet for whatever you want to create.

If you want to upgrade your creative processes and become the manifesting genius you truly are, fill out a Discovery Session Application below. We'll discuss your journey and coaching options to guide your way. I look forward to connecting!

You are a Powerful Soul, and you have a unique way of creating. Manifesting isn't one size fits all!

Jennifer Currie

is an Artist, Soul Purpose Coach and Intuitive Healer. After experiencing the loss of her husband in her 20's, she went on a journey to heal grief and create a joyful life in spite of this tragedy. She has spent 2 decades exploring her creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. She has studied with spiritual mentors, business coaches, artists, and also has an M.A. in Art History.

She combines her intuitive gifts with practical coaching to help soul-centered entrepreneurs, artists, healers and empaths align with their Divine Blueprint, clear blocks, and put their gifts into empowered and joyful action. She has a particular affinity and understanding for those who are pursuing the arts, but she believes creative energy is the root of all manifesting and her processes speak to anyone who is seeking abundance and a more expanded experience of life in any form.

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Client experiences...


Jennifer. Changes. Lives. It's that simple. I found her through a random online referral. My gut said, "invest in yourself...just try this." I'm so glad I did! To say she is gifted is an understatement. Having never really done energy work before, I went into my session with her with an open, but skeptical mind. It was clear after my Akashic Record Reading just how amazing she is in the work she does. 

I immediately signed on for an extended package, and the way I've seen my professional and personal life transform is 100% due to the work she and I have done together. Consistency has been key, as has my ability to be open and ready to receive new messages or information, and take down some of my old, limiting beliefs and walls. I trust Jennifer 100%.

This process has been most beneficial for me because I've been able to surrender and allow this powerful work to heal places that were so deeply hidden in me; places I vowed never to unearth. If you do one thing for yourself, give yourself the gift of working with Jennifer.

Meghan Rose

Consultant & Creative Entrepreneur


Jennifer is authentic, with a kind, gentle nature, and her work comes straight from the heart. In my session she provided comfort, hope and direction. Many things have shifted as I now have heaps more confidence to step fully onto my path. I really can’t begin to describe the feelings of relief and the joyful lightness-of-being that she has blessed me with.

During our session she connected me with my purpose, gave me huge and timely insights into my life, highlighted where I was most stuck, and gave powerful tools to help me flow naturally with my purpose.

Everything she saw about me was 100% accurate. It gave me so many insightful realizations and triggered profound releases in me ~ tears through most of the session in response to things that resonated with such deep truth.

Emily Alfonso

Yoga Instructor & Creative Soul


Jennifer is a true healer. I have been fortunate enough to experience her healing magic multiple times.

As an accountant I see lots of women entrepreneurs who have many blocks and restrictions around money, abundance and the value they bring to the world. I am convinced that having a Soul Realignment Session with Jennifer would help anyone eliminate years of struggle. I am going to start recommending that my clients have a Soul Realignment Session with her.

In the short time that has passed since my session I have had major breakthroughs in my business. I can see a bigger vision for myself than I was ever able to see and it’s coming quickly. I also had a session with her around relationships and dynamics that had not been working for years changed instantly. I am not exaggerating here, and am still surprised about it. If you are thinking about having a session with Jennifer, I highly recommend it. My life is getting richer by the day. I feel great about myself which is something I have always struggled with.

Carole Leblanc


Frequently asked questions

artwork by Jennifer Currie

More Details

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the energetic archive of your soul's collective experiences. They are accessed intuitively and provide information about who you are at soul level, your past lives, and guidance for living in alignment with your authentic gifts.

How is an Akashic Reading different from a tarot, astrology or other type of reading?

An Akashic Record Reading is different from most other types of intuitive readings in that it directly accesses your soul's archive which spans all of your lifetimes. In a reading you can expect to gain insight about qualities that make up your soul blueprint and span all your soul's experiences. It's information about your essence that you can use to manifest and create a more fulfilling life. It isn't a reading geared toward predictions, contact with deceased loved ones or answers to questions like "should I buy the house when mercury is in retrograde?"

What are blocks and restrictions?

When I refer to energetic blocks and restrictions I am talking about the negative residue and filters that have been created by you over lifetimes. We all create these negative energies (albeit oftentimes unconsciously) due to negative choices we have made.

Within the context of my Akashic Record work, a negative choice is basically anything that takes us out of alignment with our divinity. Negative choices get made all the time, but often we aren't aware of the energetic consequences. Also, these choices have a cumulative effect and can create filters that obscure the truth... thus contributing to more negative choices.

Clearing these energies opens the door to living a more authentic and empowered existence because we are able to see our truth more clearly and create in alignment with our Soul. We still have to take action and walk through that door, but the way is cleared.

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