Creative Soul Alchemy

Healing & Transformation for Creative Wholeness

Your creative flow is a huge part of your soul's calling...

It's the channel for your abundance, it's the voice of your spirit and it's your path to joy and fulfillment.  Having a healthy creative flow is essential to living your soul purpose.

Imagine This...

  • Creative flow that brings satisfaction and joy every time you work with your gifts.
  • Abundance that happens through ease and fun rather than hard work and struggle.
  • A new experience of vitality that helps you get into action and DO what you've been dreaming about.
  • Inner trust and CLARITY that comes from an open channel to your Highest Self.
  • Chronic aches and pains disappear, old fears dissolve freeing up huge amounts of creative energy for a new experience.
  • Healthy relationships, an open heart bringing connection, community and lots of love into your life.
  • Liberation from the fear of being seen, poverty imprints, and vows of suffering that have been invisibly limiting your options, filtering out what you thought was possible for your life and causing you to miss opportunities.

Embrace your creative power, and use it to manifest an outer experience that matches the richness of your inner world.

Do you feel like no matter what you do, there’s never enough time, money or support. You may have one or two areas working really well, but there are big gaps?

It’s too terrifying to be seen. You’re struggling to value your giftsYou want better relationships and income flow but get stalled out with overwhelm. You’re so entrenched in getting things done day-to-day, that the level of joy you’re experiencing is low or non-existent.

The things you want to create in your life are possible, but there are some invisible Energetic patterns getting in your way.

These are Soul-level wounds and energetic imprints that are distorting your divine blueprint and making it really hard to change things in your life.

These patterns don’t shift when you talk about them and analyze them.  They show up every time you get into action and try to make changes. They trigger fear, frustration and avoidance. These energies are real and they make up the iceberg of unconscious behaviors operating beneath the surface of your life. 

They are affecting the the amount of money you can receive, the amount of love and support you can feel in your life and the level of health, vitality and joyful creative completion you experience.

You have the power to clear these imprints and open up these channels of abundance, vitality, love and creative flow.

Creative Soul Alchemy Sessions

Energetic Clearing to bring your life into alignment with your soul gifts

These sessions are designed to create a safe and sacred container where we can discover your  hidden blocks and dissolve them.  These clearing sessions melt away the energetic distortions so you can spontaneously manifest your deepest soul desires and get your soul gifts singing.  

Your desires are messages from your soul. They indicate gifts you have and areas of mastery you possess. You only have desires for things available for you to create.  If they aren’t manifesting for you, there’s something in the way. 

In these 90 minute sessions I’ll be guiding you through a transformational energetic process. This isn't like anything you've done before.  You'll learn how to use the incredible power of your compassionate heart to get to the root of challenging patterns and clear them once and for all.

Increase Intuition and Connect to Your Highest Self

Clear blocks that have caused you to dial down your intuitive gifts and open the channels to guidance and support.

  • Clear persecution imprints that caused you to shut down your gifts.
  • Repair the relationship with your Highest Self and start relearning how to trust this support.
  • Learn how to ask for and receive clear guidance.

Clear Money Blocks for Greater Abundance

Do you experience lack instead of abundance?  Maybe it never shows up OR when it flows in, it flows right out again?  We'll reset your money thermostat and liberate yourself from patterns of lack.  

  • Find out why connecting and repairing the relationship with your body is key to manifesting greater abundance.
  • Clear blocks keeping you from receiving what you need and want.
  • Learn tools to amplify internal support & worthiness.
  • Clear vows of poverty.

"I have been able to release some very old & life-limiting imprints..."

"Jennifer is exceptional!  For starters….present, intuitive, compassionate and skillful. Our work takes me to places of deep inner connection and healing…. amazing actually how her skill set combined with intuitive knowing is so spot on. I appreciate her expert guidance… takes me into places where I have been able to release some very old and life limiting imprints."

-Sudha L. (The Berkshires, MA)

"After a session, I see results - and changes in myself and those around me within a day or so."

"Jennifer is extraordinarily gifted at drilling down into thoughts and old programming that trips us up as we navigate through life. After a session, I see results – and changes in myself and those around me within a day or so."

-Heather B.  (Great Barrington, MA)

"The first practitioner I've ever done such consistently impactful, nourishing, multi-dimensional work with -- and I find her work is so real deal."

" Truly Jennifer's work is cutting edge and honestly, nearly undefinable because it's so unlimited. Jennifer is graceful and poised, while simultaneously able to track the fine edges, depth and breadth of one's "being-ness". She works on various planes, and is, literally, the first practitioner I've ever done such consistently impactful, nourishing multi-dimensional healing work with-- and I find her work is so real deal. When I wake up the morning after doing a session with her, I almost feel like my spirit got a great haircut :) I refer my own clients and friends to her. Jen is like a girl-next-door natural beauty of a soul–meets ascended master–meets mediator of the cosmic stars. Or, maybe Oprah would describe Jennifer as the Marie Kondo of one's soul. She'll help to finely organize your soul-layers like Marie might help you color-coordinate your sock drawer, helping you to refine your most precious gifts and return "self" to "source". I love Jen! Anyone is just blessed to have a session with her! Whoever you are, whether a holistic skeptic or the top leader in the field of energy medicine, Jennifer will have something subtle, potent, distinct and spectral for you to work with!."

-Leslie Helpert. (Voice Coach and Healer, NY, NY

Choose Your Package

4 Session Package

Four 90 minute sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart to allow time for integration.  In this energetic container we can focus on one key area of your life where you're experiencing chronic blocks.  We'll set up a healing goal and get laser focused to unravel the invisible issues underneath. We'll meet via Zoom (using audio only) and you'll receive a recording of your sessions.


one payment of $1100

Or 3 payments of $385

8 Session Package

Eight 90 minute sessions spaced out 2-3 weeks apart to allow time for integration.  In this energetic container we can focus on 1 - 2 areas of your life where you're experiencing blocks.  We'll include a powerful Higher Self Healing or a Abundance Reboot as one of your sessions.  We'll determine this based on your healing intention and the primary underlying issues.  The benefits of this work are cumulative and exponential, and this is the best option for big transformation.  With this package there is also space for a little practical coaching to help ground your clearings and get into new action.


one payment of $2000

or 4 payments of $520

Include a Soul Realignment

A Soul Realignment is a great way to lay a foundation and accelerate the clearing you can accomplish.  For all the details click here.  This 2 hour reading in your Akashic Records clears the most common energetic blocks and restrictions - it's a powerful way to boost the impact of these alchemy sessions.

Include a Soul Realignment to either package for a discounted price of $297 (normally $497)





3 Payments of $485





4 Payments of $594

Working in a Sacred Container

Energetic clearing is cumulative.  Working over a series of sessions brings the greatest results and lays a foundation for the clearing to continue to unfold. When I work with clients over a series of sessions we're able to unravel the deepest patterns and every session builds on the one before. The clearings become more and more potent and you start integrating the energy and seeing bigger results much faster. This work raises your vibration. With each layer of clearing you start embodying your Highest Self, and your life heals.

"She has a mind for business and a heart for pure consciousness and together it makes quite a dynamic duo to take you on a journey inside of yourself that lands your back HOME to the essence of who you truly are!"

"Jennifer has a way of peeling the layers of the onion in order to access the deepest yearning of one’s soul. Her diverse background of spiritual abilities affords her the capacity to gaze deep into the core of an issue and address the foundational tap root cause of an imprint so that it can finally be set free with both love and compassion through grace. She has a mind for business and a heart for pure consciousness and together it makes quite a dynaminc duo to take you on a journey inside of yourself that lands you back HOME to the essence of who you truly are! A brilliant woman on multiple fronts with such deep care and comittment to higher truth ~

- Samavesha Gayatri (Lake Arrowhead, CA)

"After my session I felt like a different and better person."

I had the most incredible session.  I had no idea what to expect.   All I know is that after my session I felt like a different and better person.  I felt as I was strong enough to conquer, and had such peace within me.  I don’t know how she does it, but she was able to put words to things I was feeling but just couldn’t explain.  Her voice is so peaceful and soothing. I cannot wait for our next session!

- Miriam C. (The Berkshires, MA)

Dissolve Karmic Wounds & Past Life Traumas

When you are wounded at soul-level it leaves an imprint. These experiences show up in recurring fears, trouble sleeping, the same challenging situations and people who show up over and over again no matter what we do. When you consciously clear these experiences, it frees up tons of vital force energy, and your actions to change your life get traction.  

  • Discover and heal the past-life experiences that are still influencing your present life.
  • Free yourself from patterns of fear, guilt, anxiety, blame, and victimization.
  • Dissolve ancestral and genetic karma that you inherited via your family of origin.
  • Even if you don't believe in past-lives these energetic clearings are very powerful and transformative. 

Heal Core Creative Wounds

Uncover the causes of your creative blocks and get your creativity and business moving forward.  Have you ever wondered why it feels like creatives have to suffer?  Are you tired of struggling, feeling critical of yourself, and experiencing creativity as hard rather than joyful?

  • Clear blocks to your authentic self-expression.
  • Free yourself from the fear of being seen.
  • Amplify your creative energy & source more inspiration.
  • Heal the wounds that make you feel excruciatingly vulnerable and critical of self.
  • Discard the false personas of "the flakey artist", "starving artist" or "suffering artist" & step into creative empowerment.

"Often situations come up during a session that are not at all  what you thought you were going to be working on, but in fact becomes what you needed the most."

"My sessions with Jennifer are so helpful, heartfelt, and supportive. She has a great way of helping you get through the issues that are troubling you or are holding you back. Often situations come up during a session that are not at all what you thought you were going to be working on, but in fact becomes what you needed the most. I am always so grateful for the time spent working with Jennifer, she’s wonderful!!!"

- Laurie S. (El Paso, TX)

"The work is transformative in the best of ways."

"I’ve had multiple sessions with Jennifer, and they get deeper and more meaningful each time! Jennifer is beautifully perceptive and compassionate and the work is transformative in the best of ways."

- Faith D. (The Berkshires, MA)

About Jennifer Currie

Jennifer is an Intuitive Artist & Soul Purpose Coach. She has spent almost two decades exploring her creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. She has studied with spiritual mentors, business coaches, artists and also has an M.A. in Art History.  She’s a Tarot expert, Akashic Record Guide & Healer. She uses her intuitive gifts to help other multi-passionate conscious creatives align with their soul blueprint, clear blocks, and put their soul gifts into empowered and joyful action. To learn more or explore Jennifer's artwork go to:

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