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Live Your Creative Vision

As a creative soul you are a VISIONARY and what you're dreaming about IS possible. Making your dream a reality is about alignment and embodying your vision. It's a spiritual journey and a deep soul calling because it's guiding you to become the best, most fulfilled version of yourself. Soul Coaching is all about showing you HOW to grow and transform into the person who is living your amazing dream.

Soul Coaching is Designed Especially for Creative Souls.

Building a creative business is a spiritual journey. It requires commitment to your highest vision, healing your blocks, and discipline to take necessary actions. There are points of initiation on this journey where creative souls get stuck, and you need support to cross-over these thresholds.

There are reasons you haven't created your dream, and they're rooted deep in your subconscious. They've been quietly derailing you for a long time because they show up as procrastination, lack of motivation, confusion, self-doubt, perfectionism, starving artist patterns, anxiety, scattered focus and fear of being seen. These energies cause you to forget your soul genius, scatter your energy and experience a creative process that feels like a struggle.

Get the support you need to manifest your highest vision.

Soul Coaching is a hybrid program designed to give you high-touch, one-on-one support. This coaching focuses on you and the vision you want to manifest. It addresses the inner journey as well as the outer, action-based steps you need to take, and it does this in a way that works for a creative soul.

Many coaching programs focus on hustling and pushing to clear hurdles, but creative souls need to honor your own rhythms and creative processes. The pushing energy can crush a sensitive nervous system, rev up the adrenals and result in a life that feels miserable instead of joyful. There's another way. There's a way that works for you. It will require you to be disciplined, keep your focus, rest sometimes and learn to listen to your inner guidance. Often it directs you to do things differently from what "they say" you should.

The Process.

The process begins with a deep dive into your Soul Profile. This is the foundation for a plan that aligns with your Soul Gifts and genius. Over the course of your journey, you'll receive detailed information about your Manifesting Blueprint, a Soul Gift Activation, and a powerful Creativity Retrieval and Re-calibration. We'll work on mindset shifts, aligned action AND we'll unpack and clear those subconscious energies that are weighing down your creative processes. Just fill out a Discovery Session Application below to get started!

Work with Jennifer

If you're a creative soul ready to align to your highest vision with support that's been designed just for you CLICK BELOW and fill out the application for a Discovery Session. If it's a good fit, we'll set up a short chat to talk about what you want to create, where you're running into blocks and ways you can move forward. I look forward to hearing from you!





Heal Creative Blocks

Most creative souls are empathic, sensitive, and intuitive. You may be prone to overwhelm, scattered energy and lack of focus. There are many negative archetypes associated with creativity: the "flakey artist", "tortured soul", "starving artist" are just a few and even the positive ones like "free spirit" are often associated with lack of abundance, unreliability, and an inability to get things accomplished. Are there areas where you don't feel empowered? Do you struggle with self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness and other inner challenges that weigh down your creative expression and impact your effectiveness in life?  

SOUL COACHING starts with a look at your inner terrain and the deep stuff that's getting in your way - we'll clear these blocks layer by layer using SOUL ALCHEMY CLEARING processes that heal these wounds and free up your creative energy so you can get into action.

Align with Your Soul Gifts

Your Soul Gifts are the key to your greatest flow of creative energy.  We'll delve into your Soul Blueprint and work to deepen your understanding of your gifts.  You'll receive a SOUL REALIGNMENT and we'll unpack your soul's MANIFESTING BLUEPRINT as a guidance system to help you craft the best strategy to bring your vision to life.

You'll also deepen your connection with your Highest Self and inner wisdom, so you know how to make the best choices and course correct when necessary. Understanding who you are at soul level is the foundation of SOUL COACHING because it fosters deep inner trust, greater confidence and true empowerment. You have to embody and align with your vision in order to manifest it, and understanding your soul's truth will get you there faster and with a lot more joy.

Grow Your Creative Vision

As you align with your Soul Gifts and clear blocks, you'll need practical actions to bring everything together.

The beautiful thing about SOUL COACHING is that you'll get into action without the hustle mentality. For empaths and creatives you need an organic, next-step process to keep you moving forward at YOUR pace. Many coaching programs focus on the energy of hustling to get things done. Many spiritual programs focus on passive energetic processes only. With Soul Coaching, we'll cultivate focused actions that are right for you, AND we'll support you with energetic processes you integrate as you move forward.

It's Perfect For


ARTISTS & CREATIVES Ready to Embody Your Gifts more Fully.


Empaths ready to Embrace the Power of Your Sensitivity


Soulful Entrepreneurs & Healers Ready to Create Joyful Businesses


Creative Souls Ready to Heal Energetic Wounds & Manifest Abundance

The Experience

To START, fill out an application for a Discovery Session and we'll hop on Zoom audio to chat about what you want to create, where you're encountering your biggest challenges and you'll receive Jennifer's guidance & insight on the quickest way to shift things.

Working with Jennifer in a Soul Coaching Package is a 12 month commitment, and we'll be establishing a sacred container for your creative vision.  You'll receive: 

  • A Soul Realignment or equivalent deep dive reading (If you've already had a SR) to kick off our work together.
  • Your Manifesting Blueprint which we'll refer to and work with in an on-going way. 
  • 18 ninety-minute sessions, so you get a LOT of 1-1 time with Jennifer to process and clear the energetic layers and receive practical coaching along the way.
  • A Creativity Retrieval and Re-calibration
  • Bridge to Your Highest Self Activation to help you embody your best self more and more AND open up your intuition to cultivate stronger guidance and self trust.
  • Chakra Clearing and Re-balancing
  • Invaluable Tools for Empowering the Empath in a 5D World - these are game-changers.

Work with Jennifer

Ready to bloom into your best self and start creating what you desire instead of just dreaming about it?  CLICK BELOW and fill out the application for a Discovery Session. If it's a good fit, we'll set up a short chat to talk about what you want to create, where you're running into blocks and ways you can move forward. I look forward to hearing from you!


Jennifer Currie

is an Artist, Soul Purpose Coach and Intuitive Healer. After experiencing the loss of her husband in her 20's, she went on a journey to heal grief and create a joyful life in spite of this tragedy. She has spent 2 decades exploring her creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. She has studied with spiritual mentors, business coaches, artists, and also has an M.A. in Art History.

She combines her intuitive gifts with practical coaching to help soul-centered entrepreneurs, artists, healers and empathic sensitive souls align with their Divine Blueprint, clear blocks, and put their gifts into empowered and joyful action. She has a particular affinity and understanding for those who are pursuing the arts, but she believes creative energy is the root of all manifesting and her processes speak to anyone who is seeking abundance and a more expanded experience of life in any form.

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“We need the beauty-loving, sensitive souls to have bigger voices and impact. I want to help you experience the power you possess to experience the life you want. Find clarity, dissolve energetic obstacles, and experience the love, abundance, and fulfillment of sharing your gifts with the world.” – Jennifer Currie

Meghan Rose

Consultant & Entrepreneur

Jennifer. Changes. Lives. It's that simple. I found her through a random online referral. My gut said, "invest in yourself...just try this." I'm so glad I did! To say she is gifted is an understatement. Having never really done energy work before, I went into my session with her with an open, but skeptical mind. It was clear after my Akashic Record Reading just how amazing she is in the work she does. 

I immediately signed on for an extended package, and the way I've seen my professional and personal life transform is 100% due to the work she and I have done together. Consistency has been key, as has my ability to be open and ready to receive new messages or information, and take down some of my old, limiting beliefs and walls. I trust Jennifer 100%.

This process has been most beneficial for me because I've been able to surrender and allow this powerful work to heal places that were so deeply hidden in me; places I vowed never to unearth. If you do one thing for yourself, give yourself the gift of working with Jennifer. 

Lara Cornell Headshot

Lara Cornell

Author & Artist

Working with Jennifer far exceeded any expectations I had going into it. She was able to find what was blocking me and keeping me from moving forward with my goals. I gained insight and understanding on things I never would have known otherwise. In addition, by following Jennifer’s advice and doing my homework every night I definitely felt more clear and lighter each day. I felt connected like I never had before and had a whole new and intimate understanding of my soul. And if that wasn't enough, with my soul blueprint, Jennifer was able to pinpoint exactly what was working for me and exactly what I needed to work on which gave me a game plan! This is WAY beyond any sort of vision boarding or manifesting. This actually gave me details on EXACTLY what I needed to do."

Samavesha Gayatri

Energetic Healer & Teacher

Jennifer has a way of peeling the layers of the onion in order to access the deepest yearning of one’s soul. Her diverse background of spiritual abilities affords her the capacity to gaze deep into the core of an issue and address the foundational tap root cause of an imprint so that it can finally be set free with both love and compassion through grace. She has a mind for business and a heart for pure consciousness and together it makes quite a dynaminc duo to take you on a journey inside of yourself that lands you back HOME to the essence of who you truly are! A brilliant woman on multiple fronts with such deep care and commitment to higher truth ~

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