Soul Landscapes

Painting the Beauty of Your Soul

Experience a journey of SELF-LOVE and CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT. Activate your SOUL GIFTS, clear blocks and GET INSPIRED to live your best life!

The Essence of Your Soul in a Painting

Learn about your Soul Gifts, activate your creativity, and connect with your unique wisdom, mastery and clarity.  Embrace your highest expression through a Soul Landscape Journey. 

Are you ready to invite more self-love, support, fulfillment and empowerment into your life? A SOUL LANDSCAPE is a unique work of art designed to celebrate and illustrate your creative essence and soul gifts. It's also an activated sacred object crafted especially for you as a visual embodiment of your Soul Blueprint.

Visual art isn't just a pretty picture, it can be a powerful energetic support that upholds positive energy, shifts and clears old patterns, and acts as a bridge to your Highest Self. When you have a piece of art created especially for you with your Soul Blueprint, Your Soul Gifts and the energies most beneficial for your creative empowerment all woven together with loving intention... you have a spiritual tool that works in myriad ways to support you in living your very best life.

Commission a Soul Landscape

This is a highly customized experience that is unique for each individual. If a Soul Landscape is calling to you, simply click on the link below to book a short consultation with Jennifer. We'll touch base and craft the perfect journey for you!

A Soul Landscape energetically supports your Soul Gifts...

A Soul Landscape Is a Sacred, Activated Tool

Your soul is beautiful, complex and layered with amazing gifts, wisdom and creativity that can only flow through you. Your Soul Landscape is designed to capture these unique energies, activate your gifts and wisdom and energetically support you in aligning with your highest expression.

Holding a Sacred Space for your Beautiful Gifts to Flourish

Your Soul Landscape Experience Includes these components, but we may customize it depending on what is most beneficial for you

A Soul Blueprint Session to Unpack your Soul Gifts

I'll look up your Soul Gifts, your Soul Group, your intuitive gifts, your connection to your Highest Self & your Life Lessons. Through the session we'll activate your primary Soul Gifts and discuss how you can embrace new possibilities when you're living in alignment with them. This information alone is a huge game-changer.

A deep Clearing of Your Biggest Energetic Blocks

I'll explore your soul's history to discover the energetic blocks and restrictions you've created and CLEAR them in your Akashic Records. You may have no conscious memory of how these were created... but you experience the difficulties they continue to generate.  This information & clearing gets to the roots of why you keep experiencing the same roadblocks, fears and challenges. If you've already had a Soul Realignment, this is where we will shift and customize your experience to include other types of energetic clearing. If it feels aligned, we may also do a Creativity Activation.

A Recording of your 2 hour Session + Homework to Get You Started with New Actions

We will connect via Zoom audio, and I'll record your session & send it to you. You can get comfy & relax during your session because you can go back & listen as many times as you want. You won't miss anything important & you'll discover that you get different insights when you re-listen down the road.

Your homework will be customized based on what we cleared and it's designed to help you get into new action and create lasting shifts.

An 11" x 14" Custom acrylic Painting on Canvas 

After we've had your session I'll begin on your Soul Landscape which will take 6-10 weeks to complete depending on my availability. I'll ship it out to you and email you a written explanation of the archetypes, energies and and major themes or messages that came through as I painted.

Your Lanscape will include channeled Light Language and other energetic activations that align with your soul blueprint and live within the painting as unique creative support grids for you.

artwork by Jennifer Currie

The Soul Landscape Experience

  • To begin, we'll set up a short consultation. We'll hop on Zoom audio for about 15 minutes to touch base, discuss your intentions and where you've been stuck. Based on the work you've done prior and what you're wanting to create going forward, we'll craft the perfect Soul Blueprint Experience for you. It will include information about your Soul Profile, Energetic Clearing and an activation of your soul gifts or your Creativity.  
  • I'll get a little information from you so I can access your Akashic Records, and we'll set up a time to do your Soul Blueprint Session.
Your Session
  • We'll connect via Zoom audio and I will record the entire 90-120 minute session. I recommend that you get into a comfortable space where you won't be disturbed.
  • We'll go over your unique soul profile which includes your primary soul gifts, your soul group of origination, your current connection to your Highest Self, your most available intuitive channels and your Life Lessons.
  • Next we'll address energetic blocks and restrictions. I'll take you through the energetic clearing process we have discussed in your consultation. We'll spend time moving out old energies and activating new ones that serve your highest good.
Your Landscape
  • Your Soul Landscape will be an 11" x 14" original acrylic painting on canvas. I usually start on these after we've had your session and they take 6-10 weeks depending on my availability. I work on these in stages and they are layered with Light Language, Archetypal imagery, intuitive messages and the colors, and shapes that align with your soul energy. 
  • When I complete the painting, I will ship it and send you an email letting you know when it will arrive with a tracking #. Note: the shipping cost is included in the price within the USA. Outside the USA, shipping will be extra.
  • I will also create and email a written PDF that gives a description of the energies I focused on as I painted. I'll explain the symbols, colors, archetypes and activations that came through, and any other messages I received as I worked on the piece. 

Book Your Soul Landscape

Soul Landscape Experience



Get started with a Consultation

This is a highly customized experience that is unique for each individual. If a Soul Landscape is calling to you, simply click on the link below to book a short consultation with Jennifer. We'll touch base and craft the perfect journey for you. Please note that there are a limited number of slots for this experience. These hand-painted originals take time and Jennifer wants to give each Soul Landscape the love and full attention it deserves. There may be a wait to schedule your session and get the painting process underway, but your consultation and commitment reserve your spot. Thank you!

Jennifer Currie

is an Artist, Soul Purpose Coach and Intuitive Healer. After experiencing the loss of her husband in her 20's, she went on a journey to heal grief and create a joyful life in spite of this tragedy. She has spent 2 decades exploring her creativity along with ways to channel those gifts into an abundant and beautiful life. She has studied with spiritual mentors, business coaches, artists, and also has an M.A. in Art History.

She combines her intuitive gifts with practical coaching to help soul-centered entrepreneurs, artists, healers and empathic sensitive souls align with their Divine Blueprint, clear blocks, and put their gifts into empowered and joyful action. She has a particular affinity and understanding for those who are pursuing the arts, but she believes creative energy is the root of all manifesting and her processes speak to anyone who is seeking abundance and a more expanded experience of life in any form.

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Client experiences...


debbie lyn toomey

Jennifer created a BEAUTIFULLY depicted soul portrait for me. The art piece is truly special, and I will always cherish it. I love the way she incorporated the details of the reading in it. How amazingly POWERFUL! The quote that she added is one of my favorites and rings true to the essence of my soul as well. She is gifted and blessed with a combination of spiritual and artistic abilities. My Spirit is so grateful to have been expressed in such a wonderful way!!!

Debbie Toomey

Teacher, Author, Positive Psychology Coach and owner of Ultimate Healing Journey


Kari Larsen

The painting is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I will keep this forever. I love the color, the meaning, the detail, and the energy. Jennifer’s work is gorgeous. I don’t even have words that are adequate, and adding a thousand exclamation points doesn’t seem as genuine. I truly truly LOVE it!!

It was a delight to get her written commentary too. I have thought about our reading so many times since. What I value so very much are the thoughts and ideas Jennifer shared for creating the change.”

Kari Larsen


I was so impressed during my reading with both Jennifer's intuitive abilities and the articulate way she conveyed the information. I’ve been helped many times since then by remembering some of the gems she imparted. The portrait is so beautiful, and I did not expect such a thorough explanation to come with it. Thank you so much for this beautiful, useful, and inspiring treasure.

Ren Marasco

Yoga Instructor, Owner of Renew Therapeutic Skincare and Yoga

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