What are the Akashic Records?

painting in progress by Jennife CurrieThe Akashic Records are the energetic records containing the history of every soul. They are accessed intuitively and my experience is that people are often amazed by the information that comes from these sessions. I’ve noticed that this term is popping up more lately, but a decade ago it wasn’t that common to say “Akashic Records” even though it was (and still is) the intuitive source for some of the most accurate and life-changing readings.

An Akashic Record Reading provides you with information about your Soul and the journey you’ve been on over many lifetimes. Some people think of these as past life readings, and it’s true that information from past lives can be accessed through the Records. However, random information about past lives isn’t really all that helpful unless you are able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and apply it to your current incarnation. Learning how the challenges in your life were created through your choices, and consciously choosing to resolve these things can shift things dramatically.

An interest in the Soul’s Journey was awakened for me about 15 years ago for 3 reasons: 1. I had just lost a loved one (my husband) and was trying to make sense of this tragedy. 2. I was starting to realize that I needed to understand myself better ~ I wanted to find my purpose, trust myself more, and feel more empowered. 3. I wanted to be a good mother and do my best to understand my daughter’s true nature and support her in living her purpose as she grew. At the time, I was just starting to acknowledge my inner artist, my intuition, and the possibility that I could create a more joyful life. After several years of grief and suffering, I truly wanted to shift into a happier state.

Once I set these intentions, I started learning all I could, and I began to actively work on developing my intuition and my art. I learned that the Soul has had many experiences that go far beyond the physical incarnation you are currently living. Each of us has gifts ~ energetic qualities that we possess in abundance. We feel happiest and most fulfilled when we’re using these areas of mastery. My deepest desire was to have an understanding of my gifts and to change my life so that I was using them. I wanted to clear the blocks, live my purpose, and heal my life.

I was 31 the first time I ever received a psychic reading. It was from a famous psychic who later became my teacher. I didn’t know it at the time, and she never mentioned the words Akashic Records, but she accessed my Soul’s history through the Records and shared information that resonated very deeply with me. She shed light on some of the chronic struggles I was having, gave me guidance on how to make life changes that would be more supportive of my true nature, and gave me hope and inspiration that fueled my endeavors for years to come. She didn’t do any energetic clearing work, but I found that simply understanding some of my Soul’s Gifts brought incredible peace and clarity.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed my life… but it might be more accurate to say: I changed my life because I took what was shared in that reading, and I acted on it. I did things differently after that. I had to put up some boundaries, say no to some things that were hard to say no to. I had to deal with some people’s disappointment which was incredibly challenging for me… but I knew that life couldn’t continue the way it had been. It was too far out of alignment for me… and knowing this, gave me the courage to do it.

Over the next decade I learned a lot about intuitive development and developed my own skills. I learned that the best reading is one that inspires you to take action to change your life in a positive way and you are always the one in charge of how that will unfold. I found that I could offer the best support by working with archetypes, creating art, and accessing the Akashic Records.

My intention as an Intuitive Guide has always been anchored in understanding Soul Purpose. This has been a huge part of my own journey, and I believe that knowing who you are at Soul Level is the foundation for living a joyful life. Today my work in the Akashic Records is centered around discovering your Soul Gifts, clearing the blocks and restrictions that have made it difficult to express your Soul fully, and empowering you to take action and make changes that align with who you truly are.

As an artist, I love encouraging creative action and working with people to embrace their inner creativity and claim the artist within. Creativity is a deep soul desire and can often get stifled or abandoned due to blocks and restrictions as well as common beliefs about the value of art in our culture and a perception that abundance and art don’t go together. Actually, from an energetic perspective the absolute opposite is true! Creativity and abundance resonate with expansion, and limitless possibility. From a Soul Perspective creativity is an essential building block in any life.

I offer Soul Realignments, Soul Portraits, and Soul Purpose Coaching in order to assist folks in blooming into the happiest, most creative, and fulfilled versions of themselves. My Soul Purpose is about self-expression and self-empowerment so it truly makes my heart sing to share my gifts and help others get in alignment with their Divinity.

2 thoughts on “What are the Akashic Records?

  1. I had no idea that an akashic record reading gave information on your souls journey through past lives. Like you mentioned, learning how you handled past conflict and choosing to change is a good way to improve your life. If possible, getting the reading in a recording or writing would be a good idea so you don’t forget anything.

    1. Thanks Kendall! Yes, I always record sessions so you have them to go over again later. I find that we often hear what we need most in the moment and sometimes there are things that we notice later when we listen again.

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