What is Procrastination Telling You?

by Jennifer Currie

What is procrastination telling you when it comes to those heart felt creative projects that you just can’t seem to get underway?

Often, creative folks have about a million ideas, projects and possibilities they’re holding onto. These may exist in the form of some unfinished project or they’re floating around in your mind and bobbing up to the surface every now and then.

You know you’re procrastinating because one of these big ideas keeps calling to you. In the beginning it was very inspiring. You probably put a lot of mental energy into the idea… there was something in you that said: Yes! I really want to do this!

But somewhere along the way, it dropped off. It never got started or it got set aside.

We all do this (and then give ourselves a hard time about it.) And eventually it starts to feel kind of heavy and gross... because you’re stuck and there’s always something else that seems to take priority over that wonderful thing you want to create.

You’re procrastinating and here’s what’s going on:

Procrastination is telling you 1 of 2 things:

1. It’s telling you that you actually DON’T want to do something. That’s a very different scenario than the one I just described, so I want to make the distinction. Sometimes you procrastinate because you said yes to something out of obligation and now your spirit is rebelling. The solution to this sort of procrastination is to cultivate awareness around the vibration of obligation and stop doing things because you feel you “should”.


2. If you’ve eliminated option one, then you know that your project is a true desire. You’re wondering: Why am I resisting doing this thing that I was so inspired and excited about? The answer is: FEAR.

Underneath procrastination there is always some form of fear. It is literally a holding back, a contraction of energy, and protective mechanism that you’re hard-wired to have when you feel vulnerable. And that’s exactly what happens when you do anything new.

And it’s completely normal. Fear is the typical response we all have to the unknown. So if you’ve been dreaming about a project and failing to take action, it’s because somewhere you’re afraid. And it’s ok.

It’s telling you that whatever you’re dreaming about has the power to change you, to shift you into a new vibration and transform your life. This may be very exciting and also scary as hell. That new action is taking you into an unfamiliar experience which is exactly what your soul is reaching for.

But every step you take to make it more real also makes you realize that things are gonna change.  And this brings your protective ego mechanism into the mix… and that’s why you’re procrastinating. Your ego doesn’t like change.

The first step in overcoming that fear is recognizing what is going on and re-framing it. You probably won’t feel comfortable as you navigate this new territory, but you can keep moving forward by reminding yourself: I’m doing something I’ve never done before and feeling scared is normal. You can get past procrastination. Find your inner courage and take one little step and then another. Movement is the key. You’re not weird or lazy when you procrastinate. You’re having an absolutely NORMAL response to something new.

You’re afraid because you dared to dream up something that BIG… and now the toothpaste is out of the tube. You can’t put it back in. You’re dream is active and it needs you. So use this re-frame on procrastination and take one step. And know that you’re also BRAVE.

Celebrate every little action you take because it’s courageous. Even if you don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound… you’re still making progress. There is a lot happening under the surface that’s re-patterning your vibration into alignment with every action you take. So keep going : )

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