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My new studio! Finally settled in after four moves in four years.

Your creative soul genius is needed in the world right now. We need more beauty, innovation, kindness and willingness to see things from a new perspective. Most importantly, we need more happy people who do fulfilling things and share them. When creative souls do their purpose, this is how they show up and it’s a huge gift.

I took a break from my blog because I had enormous life changes in 2019…

I moved, got married and welcomed two adorable step-daughters into my family. My own beloved daughter graduated from college, my little dog passed away… and then of course there’s been a pandemic. Despite the last 20 months being a stressful time on planet earth, I’ve managed to stay healthy, sane and even (dare I say) happy most of this time.

It’s not to say that I haven’t been stressed, sad or deeply affected by all the world events. I have. I’ve been called to up my compassion, examine my beliefs and be more open and tolerant. I’m learning to cope with isolation and making adjustments to inconvenient circumstances. I’m doing my best to be resilient and be a good human. Some days are better than others. We are all being challenged and called to open our hearts more and be better. Even if we don’t do it perfectly. Creativity definitely helps with this.

Creativity lifts me up on bad days and helps me find purpose on the days I’m feeling isolated or low energy. Creativity is a deep well of resourcefulness.

Your creative soul genius may surprise you.

It’s not the things you paint, craft, cook or sew (even though these things are amazing and wonderful). Your creative soul genius goes into doing all these beautiful things, but what you make is the byproduct. Your true creative soul genius is your unique energy and the choices you make everyday to direct that energy. When you direct your energy into something positive and aligned, you get to see it reflected back to you.

YOU are the gift, not what you do. When you know this, you have the key to open up your creative channel. It’s also the key to building your business, creating prosperity and crafting a joyous life. When you get that YOU are the gift, you are creatively empowered. Creatively empowered people are resilient, innovative and responsible. They know how to find the joy in anything and choose it.

You have this super power. I encourage you to dive into something that lights you up. Remember that the world needs more happy people who are lit up, and you get to be one of them.

My gift happens to be helping other creative souls embrace the power and authenticity of their gifts. If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, let’s chat! Set up a Discovery Session by clicking HERE

2 thoughts on “Your Creative Soul Genius

  1. Congratulations on your marriage and your daughter’s graduation!!! I am so happy for you.
    I definitely need to connect for some guidance. Please let me know when that works for you.
    I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!


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