My Journey

Discovering my Soul Gifts and creating a life that aligns with my authentic self has been an ongoing journey...

...and it wasn't that easy in the beginning. I grew up in the deep South, and as a result, I have nice manners, a love of beauty and an accent. I know how to cook things like cheese grits and spoon bread, and I was taught that an accommodating nature is the key to getting along in the world. I have a loving and truly amazing family, but learning to abandon myself for the sake of pleasing others wasn't supporting the life I wanted to create.

I felt stifled and frustrated living this way. I was doing so much out of obligation instead of from a place of joy. The things that really lit me up were often at the very bottom of my priority list, and I had a hard time completing things and feeling fulfilled.

Whent I was 29 years old my life fell apart.

By this time I had followed all the "rules". I had gotten an masters in art history. I was happily married to my college sweetheart, and we had a beautiful baby girl. I thought I was doing everything "right". We had a good life, but underneath the pretty exterior things weren't so perfect.

My husband hated his job and dreaded going to work everyday. I was feeling heavy, anxious and overwhelmed. The things I had worked for were not that fulfilling, but I had no idea how to change it. We thought if we just kept going it would all resolve on it's own. We weren't prepared for what came next. A few months after our daughter was born, my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and died two years later. It was a devastating loss that left me searching for answers on a deep spiritual level.

The Wake Up Call

My life completely changed due to this trauma. I mourned this loss while raising a child and trying to rebuild everything from the ground up. In order to do this, I had to shift from the inside. I had to discover my gifts and reclaim my power.

I started with connecting to my intuition and letting my Highest Self that lead the way. It was an awakening that unfolded over many years. The constant guidance was to follow my creativity, build up the courage to use my authentic voice and follow my heart's desires. Sometimes this was easier said than done. I learned that clearing energetic blocks was an invaluable accelerator of spiritual growth and things got a lot easier as those invisible imprints started dissolving. I also learned that while challenges and struggles can trigger awakenings, build courage and open the door for growth, there are smoother and easier ways to get there. 

Creating Something Brand New...

Once I let my Highest Self take the wheel, life got a lot more interesting and fun. I found my way to the beautiful Berkshires in MA where my creative soul found support and grounding, and my daughter got to grow up in this magical place.

Years later, I was guided back to the South to be closer to my family. It was my intention to allow more love into my life and being far away from my daughter, my sister and parents had run its course. I had no idea that I was being guided back to connect with a soul partner and experience love in an even deeper way. In 2020 I got married to a wonderful man I've known since the 4th grade, and I've been amazed at how life has unfolded with such lovely symmetry. You really can't make this stuff up!

Where I am Now...

I've spent over two decades studying and practicing art, coaching, energy healing, tarot, Yoga, Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Theta Healing, the IN-Vizion process, Compassion Key. I worked with Sonia Choquette for over a decade and completed her Six Sensory Leadership Training. I've also studied with Andrrea Hess, Colette Baron-Reid, Carolyn Myss, Marianne Williamson, and Aleya Dao just to name a few.

I started all of this, because I needed to heal, but I discovered a passion that has led me to a happy life. Now, one of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure is guiding creative souls to step into their gifts and their power. I truly feel the world is made better when kind, sensitive, creative souls have bigger voices and impact. We need leaders like you. We need people with big hearts, open minds and desire for service and integrity to hold space in this world. What's more, YOU leading a happy, heart-led life is exactly the way to shift and change everything around you. I work with my clients to unpack the energetic and emotional obstacles that get in the way, connect with your unique gifts so you can manifest more abundance, find your soul purpose and do just that.

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“We need the kind, beauty-loving, sensitive souls of this world to have bigger voices and impact. I want to help you experience the power you possess to truly experience the life and vision YOU want. I want to help you find clarity around your desires, dissolve the energetic obstacles that are keeping you from living them, and help you experience the love, abundance, and satisfaction of sharing your gifts with the world.” – Jennifer Currie


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Leslie Helpert

Voice Coach & Healer, ny, ny

"Jennifer's work is cutting edge and honestly, nearly undefinable because it's so unlimited. She is graceful and poised, while simultaneously able to track the fine edges, depth and breadth of one's "being-ness". She is, literally, the first practitioner I've ever done such consistently impactful, nourishing healing with-- and I find her work is so real deal. When I wake up the morning after doing a session with her, I feel like my spirit got a great haircut : ) I refer my own clients and friends to her. Jen is like a Marie Kondo of one's soul. She'll help to finely organize your soul-layers like Marie might help you color-coordinate your sock drawer, helping you to refine your most precious gifts and return to your truest self. I love Jen! Anyone is just blessed to have a session with her! Whoever you are, whether a holistic skeptic or the top leader in the field of energy medicine, Jennifer will have something subtle, potent, distinct and spectral for you to work with!"

Lara Cornell Headshot

Lara Cornell

Author & Artist

"Working with Jennifer far exceeded any expectations I had going into it. She was able to find what was blocking me and keeping me from moving forward with my goals. I gained insight and understanding on things I never would have known otherwise. In addition, by following Jennifer’s advice and doing my homework every night I definitely felt more clear and lighter each day. I felt connected like I never had before and had a whole new and intimate understanding of my soul. And if that wasn't enough, with my soul blueprint, Jennifer was able to pinpoint exactly what was working for me and exactly what I needed to work on which gave me a game plan! This is WAY beyond any sort of vision boarding or manifesting. This actually gave me details on EXACTLY what I needed to do."

jenny fenig headshot

Jenny Fenig

Marketing + Coach

"Jennifer is a gifted intuitive guide who lit a pathway into my own soul. Working with her allowed me to connect with my spirit and recommit to lighting the world on fire with my gift in a gentle, nourishing, authentic and sustainable way. The art she created has become a crucial element of my company’s brand and has attracted such amazing clients and opportunities. In fact, I was so impressed by her approach and story that I invited her to speak at my annual live event and she wowed the crowd big time.

And I was doubly blessed when Jennifer decided to become a private client in one of my coaching programs. I’m psyched to watch her rise up and do her work in the world. She is here to help many.

Want to get closer to your truth … and get the courage to live it? Work with Jennifer. Your life will never be the same.”

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