The Call to Self Love

Jennifer Currie
Jennifer Currie

“And the day came when the risk it took to stay tight in the bud was greater than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anaïs Nin

Judgment is the next to last card of the major arcana in the tarot, and it brings a message of self love. It represents the cleansing, clearing, and healing that happens when one cycle is ending and another is beginning. In some decks it is called Rebirth, and you are being beckoned by your Higher Self {or Spirit} to be more authentic, more creative, more compassionate, and more of YOU. Your creative spirit is wanting to show up in a bigger way and be expressed through your unique gifts and talents. You’re being asked to make room for this, and self love is the key.

You might feel the call of Judgment as an inner stirring or restlessness. A mild discomfort may be nagging at you as you start to dream about new ways to express yourself or wonder more about what your purpose or gifts might be. If this disturbance is ignored and left to simmer it might show up as a deep ache for something more in your life and a sense of discontent. If things have been put off for a long while, the call to emerge may turn into an emergenc-y that forces you to transition in a hurry. Whatever is coming up, you can trust that it is happening in the perfect way and at the perfect time for you. Your job is to stay spiritually awake and be a witness to your own blossoming.


Judgment always brings about healing of some kind. It requires taking an inventory of your life, looking honestly at what is working and what is not, examining your wounds and embracing every aspect of yourself. It can feel like a pretty tall order if you approach it from the perspective of “I’m broken and need to fix all these damaged parts”… but that’s not what you’re being asked to do. Judgment is simply asking for honesty and self love. When we embrace the aspects of ourselves that we have been pushing away and resisting, tremendous healing occurs, and we emerge into a new life.

So what does this mean in terms of your day-to-day? As I said before, it may mean that you’re feeling some discomfort, but fighting against it isn’t the answer. The guidance from Judgment is to take inventory and look at everything with wide-open eyes and a wide-open heart. The area where you’re feeling the most discomfort is the area to look at first. For example: If you feel like you’re finances are a mess, and it scares you to open your bank statements ~ then it’s time to take an honest look at what is going on there and find the shadows that need to be healed.

It’s actually pretty easy to find out where these shadows are. All you have to do is ask yourself, “What is my judgment of this situation?” Do you judge a person “like that” to be stupid, selfish, or irresponsible? You can also ask yourself: “How does this make me feel?” You’ll discover that you have been your own condemning judge, and the process of becoming conscious of these patterns is exactly what is going to free you. If you’ve been resisting being a “stupid” person, that is your shadow and your job is to love and forgive the “stupid” part of you. This is what shadow work is all about, and there are many resources available to help you with this process. Check out any of the books by Debbie Ford for starters, or find a life coach for support. One of my favorite tools is the IN-Vizion process because it connects you with your Higher Self and shifts you out of this judgmental “goblin territory” very quickly. It’s creative, empowering, and healing all at the same time. This journey is worth every ounce of effort because it’s leading you to FREEDOM.

Ultimately, the Judgment card is about freedom from all those inner judgments that drain away our ability to authentically express our Spirits. What is Judgment asking you to take a look at? It may be uncomfortable in the moment, but it’s a sign that something pretty amazing is in the works. Consider the tiny acorn. Everything necessary to become an oak tree is packed into this small seed. It doesn’t have to do anything or go get “oak tree” material from anywhere else. However, when the time comes, it does have to shed its hard outer shell and allow the seedling to sprout. It has to be reborn into a seedling and then into a sapling. Everything it needs is already within it, but it has to allow the transformation. When the Judgment card shows up it is time for a transition from self-judgment into self love so that you can blossom and release the amazing YOU that has been bottled up inside. xo

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