Creativity and Karma

Creativity and Karma Artwork by Jennifer Currie - "Soul Contract" detailWhat do Creativity and Karma have to do with each other?  As it turns out… a  LOT.

Hello beautiful!  It’s time to birth new projects and enjoy this spring energy of growth and renewal… it’s also time to start asking yourself: What has been holding you back?  What’s been stopping you?

Chances are if you’re getting stuck, it’s happening at the same places and in the same ways over and over again.  And that’s why I want to talk about your creativity and karma.

From the years of exploring this in the Akashic Records, I’ve discovered the primary way we experience karma is via our default patterns.

Karma is basically a distortion that is obscuring the path of your soul’s fullest expression. It shows up as patterns and imprints – default modes, belief systems, filters that make it difficult for us to see our soul gifts, our power, or possible paths.

So if you’re not sure if you have karma, just look at the stubborn areas of your life that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to change.  There’s your karma.

I’ve found 3 major themes of struggle or Karmic Imprints that are most common among creative souls.  And the good news is:  if you can clear these blocks at that deep karmic layer – major shifts are possible in your life that ripple out in all directions.

So I wanted to share with you the 3 biggest karmic imprints I see creatives struggling with and give you some insight into why your creativity and karma are definitely intertwined.

:: The Invisibility Imprint

aka:  The Fear of Being Seen, this imprint basically says “I’m only safe when I hide and they can’t see me.”  Why do so many creative souls struggle with shyness, fear of being judged and tendency to hide their work and themselves from the world?

This comes up a lot for creatives because their souls are calling them to share their creative visions.  If this imprint is a big one for you, you’re going to feel uncomfortable every time you share your work.  It’s going to feel unsafe on some level and you could experience anything from mild anxiety to extreme fear when it comes to being seen.  More than likely it has stopped you from going forward with something in your creative life.

:: The Inner Critic Imprint

This one says,”Who do you think you are?  You will never be good enough!”  It’s often felt intensely by those pursuing creative outlets because historically, there have been so many limitations put around creative expression.

The Inner Critic is a wounded aspect that wakes up and abuses other tender parts of you when you try to express yourself.  It comes up for creatives because we live in a world that hasn’t been supportive our gifts.  It hasn’t been “ok” to be different, unique, quirky, playful, feminine or many of the other qualities that true creative work requires us to embrace.  The result is a lot of bad feelings and often our creative processes just get shut down.

These wounds are karmic, and they manifest as judgmental, harsh inner thoughts and sometimes judgmental, harsh people.  When we have the Inner Critic Imprint – judgment shows up in all forms, and it can be a big block to our free creative expression.

:: The Starving Artist Imprint

Lack of money and an inability to create abundance is probably the biggest block of all for creatives.  I really wanted to call this The Poverty/Lack Imprint because it’s not just limited to artists.  However, it is so common in the creative community that we have a special name for it – starving artist.

It’s one of my deepest desires to help as many people as possible shift and clear this.  If we clear this imprint for ourselves, eventually we clear it in the collective and the path of the artist can be as free and abundant as any other path.

When you have this imprint you believe on some deep level that creativity repels money, and that creative gifts are inherently less valuable than other gifts.  You may believe and experience that it is impossible to make enough money as an artist.  This one is huge and I would say is the biggest reason that so many people are blocked in their creativity in the first place.

All three of these imprints block creative souls from expressing full-out, sharing the work they create and manifesting a marketplace and economy that supports artists.

And the good news is that we are living in a time where we have the consciousness and the tools available to clear these imprints and dissolve the entanglements we experience with our creativity and karma.

It starts with each one of us.  When you clear your own karmic imprints you open doors to creative expression and abundance you didn’t even realize were an option.  Your creativity expands, your possibilities widen and you slough off the heavy energies that made your progess slow or non-existent before.

It’s not the Divine design for us to be tormented by our dreams and unable to see them brought into form.  As artists and creatives we are actually the ultimate manifestors – abundance and joyful creation are your true nature.

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