Doing Your Soul Gifts is Easy

I went to Italy to teach at a retreat – a complete dream come true, but the biggest gift I got was the validation and deep realization that doing your soul gifts is easy.

I actually tried to make this journey hard. I have a great deal of practice in that department. I worried about packing everything and I fretted about train schedules and all the various unknowns that come with travel. I love to travel, but I was making things hard out of habit.

In fact, one of the things I had to consciously work on was allowing myself to relax and enjoy the experience. When I did, the trip was truly a joy, and when I didn’t things got bumpy. However, as I was teaching and interacting with the wonderful souls I got to meet on this trip, I realized that doing your soul gifts is easy.

It was easy to be with them and share what I know. It was easy to pull from the learning and experiences I decided to explore, cultivate and invest in for the last 20 years. It was easy to laugh and connect and soak up the beauty all around me. It was easy to taste the delicious food and feel truly grateful for the soul-nourishing loveliness of Tuscany. It was easy to enjoy listening to the language even though I only know a few words, and do my best to communicate. All of it was fun too, and this is exactly the way living our soul gifts is supposed to be. However, sometimes happiness and alignment sneaks up on us and we don’t see it because we’re so used to doing misalignment and struggle.

I had an amazing time on this trip, but I still didn’t realize how much my soul gifts were coming into alignment until I got home and re-listened to a visioning process I was led through at the end of 2018. In this session my Highest Self was showing me a vision of what was possible the more I stepped into my fullest expression.

The last vision was a beautiful veranda overlooking a gorgeous view from up high on a hill. I was gathered with a happy group of people all enjoying themselves and I had my paints…. almost exactly what I did in Tuscany.

Learning your soul gifts is the start of a journey. The more you act on your guidance and start choosing to do things that bring you into alignment, you will see a payoff. Sometimes it won’t be easy making those shifts. Sometimes we have a lot of things that aren’t working for us, and they’re deeply embedded into our lives. It will take time and courage to change these things, but when you get the soul support you need to release the karmic shackles that have been holding you back, surrender to the guidance of your Highest Self and start making changes one step at a time… it does get easier. The more you release all that doesn’t fit, you’ll be surprised one day when you find yourself feeling abundant and grateful doing what you love and realize that living and being your soul gifts is the easiest thing in the world.

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