Message from Spirit: Keep Going

Let’s talk a little about the tarot. This tool came into my life via synchronicity. It was mentioned in one place and then another. Then there was an opportunity to have a reading. Eventually I found my way into a class simply because it caught my attention and seemed like a fun thing to do. I had no idea how much I would enjoy the cards, and I certainly didn’t realize how much I would learn about myself and my intuition. Learning to read tarot cards provided me with a practice where I could actively play with my intuition and learn to listen to its guidance. The cards gave affirmations and helped me to trust that what I was intuitively sensing was accurate. The archetypes of the tarot have provided me with creative inspiration, guidance, and a connection with my higher self. Now, when I feel confused or uncertain about the way life is unfolding the cards help guide me back to spirit.

Today I pulled cards specifically for this blog post, and I plan to do this once a week. Whatever message comes through is for whoever is reading it in the present moment. If you’ve found yourself engaged so far… well, the cards and their message were meant for you.

I pulled three cards: The Knight of Coins (or pentacles); The Hierophant; and The Two of Wands. The message from spirit is to keep going. Don’t lose faith and give up on your journey right before the miracle occurs. This is a time to keep a clear head, hold onto your dream and keep doing the next thing – whatever that next step is…focus on that and do it. Even if you can’t see exactly what it’s leading you toward, it’s important to take it.

The Hierophant is about teaching, learning and walking in the world according to its rules. Sometimes the card can be challenging for folks because it speaks of authority figures and protocols that must be followed. But here’s the thing – we all have a divine inner teacher and ultimately in order to grow and claim our truest hearts’ desires, we must listen to the teachings of this inner knower. We have to be responsible for what we are choosing to manifest and trust that the steps will be revealed along the way. We are learning to trust that the universe is conspiring for our success (like Paulo Coehlo’s shepherd boy in The Alchemist), but this kind of trust can only be gained by walking the path and taking one step and then the next.

We learn to trust by trusting and the treasure we hunt can’t be claimed in our minds. We have to keep going. So your angels have shown up today to cheer you on. They’re saying, “keep up the good work, keep moving forward, and keep checking in with your truth, your inner authority – your heart.”

I pass on this message with all my love. Keep Going! and have a beautiful week. xoxo

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