3 Keys to Navigating Transitions

Dream Catcher Painting by Jennifer Currie
Original artwork by Jennifer Currie

Do you ever have days {or weeks} that feel a little messy, overwhelming, emotional, and basically all over the place? Often these moments occur right when we think we’ve hit our stride with a big change. You’ve probably experienced the “detox” symptoms that come a day or so after you decide to give up coffee or sugar, and when we make new choices to recreate our lives in any way the same thing happens. Rebirth of any kind usually involves navigating transitions.

These are the times when it feels impossible to make decisions, scary to stay where you are and even more terrifying to move forward. You might find yourself numbing out or freaking out… and your creativity may feel like it’s drying up. Suddenly it feels like there is so much to do, so little time, and a million reasons to binge-watch “House of Cards” on Netflix and just let everything else go.

If you can relate to this, you know exactly what it feels like to be in the process of Rebirth. You’re going through a soul growth-spurt, and it is one of the most uncomfortable places to be emotionally. You might especially notice this slump occurring if you recently moved out of your comfort zone and set some new things in motion. It can really take the wind out of your sails and bring up a lot of questioning.

It’s the tight contraction that comes before a big expansion. All the things that have to be sloughed off and left behind as you move into a new place are putting up a fight, and it’s completely normal.

It’s a time of tremendous opportunity and it’s also the point where it feels very tempting to quit. So what’s the best way to get through this uncomfortable in-between place? Here are 3 Keys to help you navigate transition:

  • Key #1: RECOGNIZE WHERE YOU ARE Having the conscious awareness that you’ve put some things in motion and it’s normal to experience dissonance as a part of your transition can help calm your fears and keep you clear-headed. Just being able to say to yourself: “This is just a phase. I’m going to transition through and come out on the other side. It’s not forever.” is enormously helpful.
  • Key #2: KEEP GOING This is the point where folks pull up all their wonderful groundwork and throw in the towel. It can be so uncomfortable that we may be tempted to take reactive and drastic measures. If you’ve been working towards something, and just as you think you’re getting near your goal lots of things start unraveling… the best thing to do is KEEP GOING… now is not the time to quit. There are other times to stop and take inventory ~ for example, if you’ve been beating your head against a wall for years without any movement… that could be a sign that your goal is out of alignment with your soul. However, if you’ve been following your spirit, taking steps towards a dream that makes you happy, a little big scared, but mostly exhilarated, this is a time of transition and it’s not the right time to stop. Take baby steps if necessary but do keep taking steps. Send out one email, get out the art supplies even if you feel uninspired, write even if you don’t feel like it. This is the time, to pull on your inner strength to carry you through.
  • Key #3: GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT: Give yourself the pat on the back you deserve. It’s not easy transitioning. Our egos really can’t stand it because it means change and to the ego that is really unsafe. One of my teachers, Andrrea Hess, said something that stuck with me recently: “Your ego is trying to get you safely to death.” It’s not interested in your growth or your experience of yourself via your beautiful gifts and talents. It’s concerned with survival and safety and keeping things the same whether it serves you in your life or not. Mostly it’s our egos that are creating all the fuss, but we get to call the shots and make the choices to shift and transform… so if you’ve made it this far you have done some amazing work and you need to acknowledge yourself for that. Use self-encouragement as a motivator. You deserve the beautiful life you’re trying to create and it’s closer than you think. xo

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