“I will do my best to put into words the extraordinary gifts Jennifer’s session brought me…

Firstly, it seemed to have stopped time. During our session she connected me with my purpose, gave me huge and timely insights into my life, highlighted where I was most stuck, and gave powerful tools to help me flow naturally with my purpose. How on earth was that an hour?!

Everything she saw about me in the reading was 100% accurate. It gave me so many insightful realizations and triggered profound releases in me ~ tears through most of the session in response to things that resonated with such deep truth.

Jennifer is authentic, with a kind, gentle nature, and her work comes straight from the heart. In an hour she provided comfort, hope and direction. Many things have shifted as I now have heaps more confidence to step fully onto my path. I really can’t begin to describe the feelings of relief and the joyful lightness-of-being that she has blessed me with.

With immense gratitude” ~ Emily Alfono, Massachusetts

Kari Larsen

“The painting is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I will keep this forever. I love the color, the meaning, the detail, and the energy. Jennifer’s work is gorgeous. I don’t even have words that are adequate, and adding a thousand exclamation points doesn’t seem as genuine. I truly truly LOVE it!!

It was a delight to get her written commentary too. I have thought about our reading so many times since. What I value so very much are the thoughts and ideas Jennifer shared for creating the change.”

~ Kari Larsen, Minnesota


“I’m deeply moved by my portrait, and in awe of Jennifer’s talent (and others have been too)! The refined detail as well as the letter enrich it even more. Considering her website gallery and themes she presented during my reading, I imagined it would be colorful and playful. Peace, calm, strength, open, glow, sparkle, magnificent, passion, expansion, playfulness, and connection are just some of the brilliant feelings and energy it produces when I look at it. I offered it as puja (honor, worship, devotional attention) during meditation and yoga practice.”

~ Lorie Falk, Maryland


“All I can say about the portrait is WOW! All of it is completely amazing and so inspiring. I normally don’t share my reading with anyone, but I really wanted to share this one with my other half. He thought it was completely on the mark. I am so happy that I made the decision to do the reading with Jennifer. She is a very talented and exceptional person. I’m glad we have entered one another’s lives. The painting will be framed and kept close by.”

~ Barbara Semedo, Virginia

jenny fenig headshot“Jennifer is a gifted intuitive guide who lit a pathway into my own soul. Working with her allowed me to connect with my spirit and recommit to lighting the world on fire with my gift in a gentle, nourishing, authentic and sustainable way. The Spirit Art she created has become a crucial element of my company’s brand and has attracted in such amazing clients and opportunities. In fact, I was so impressed by her approach and story that I invited her to speak at my annual live event and she wowed the crowd big time.

And I was doubly blessed when Jennifer decided to become a private client in one of my coaching programs. I had the privilege of guiding her to go big with her message and mission. I’m psyched to watch her rise up and do her work in the world. She is here to help many.

Want to get closer to your truth … and get the courage to live it? Work with Jennifer. Your life will never be the same.”

– Jenny Fenig, Marketing + Soul Coach to Gutsy Entrepreneurs, www.jennyfenig.com

“Jennifer, I was so impressed during our reading with both your intuitive abilities and the articulate way you conveyed the information. I’ve been helped many times since then by remembering some of the gems you imparted. The portrait is so beautiful, and I did not expect such a thorough explanation to come with it. Thank you so much for this beautiful, useful, and inspiring treasure.” – Ren Marasco, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Renew Therapeutic Skincare and Yoga

susan junta headshot

“Words cannot do justice to all my emotions that bubbled to the surface as I read your summary and gazed with wonder upon the picture: The Gifts of My Life. Thank you for both! I shall frame the picture as you suggested and enjoy being reminded of all the significant things you have drawn and painted – I feel you have captured my very essence!” – Susan Junta Great Barrington, MA

amy cherin humes

“Jennifer has the rare ability to see the best in everyone. Sometimes in life, an experience comes along that changes the way you see everything… my Spirit Portrait reading was one of those times. I feel confident moving forward toward my dreams. My Spirit Portrait hangs above my desk. Whenever I need to, I can look up and be reminded of who I really am. Thank you, Jennifer!” – Amy Humes, Creator and Owner of Oola www.oolaoola.com

debbie lyn toomey

“Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFULLY depicted reading you did for me. The water color art piece is truly special and I will always cherish it. I love the way you incorporated the details of the tarot card reading in it. How amazingly POWERFUL! The quote that you added is one of my favorites and rings true to the essence of the reading as well. You are gifted and blessed with the combination of spiritual and artistic abilities. My Spirit is so grateful to have been expressed in such a wonderful way!!!” – Debbie Toomey, Teacher, Positive Psychology Coach and owner of Ultimate Healing Journey www.ultimatehealingjourney.com

claudia laslie headshot“Jennifer Currie has a wonderful intuitive sense that leaves you feeling heard, understood, and fueled with new tools to tackle the road ahead. I went in feeling lost in the sea of cards, wondering what they could possibly tell me, but left with several images blazed into my heart and mind as personal icons to call on for support! We can take responsibility for the things we do and overcome habits and patterns that no longer serve our current selves. Jennifer’s guidance provides a safe, light-filled, and knowledgeable format in order to see past these roadblocks.” – Claudia Laslie, Massachusetts

natalia-Bystrianyk-headshot“Not only immensely reassuring but wonderfully powerful, Jennifer’s reading left me with an overwhelming peace of mind, revitalizing my own sense of self. Her thoughts are clear, precise and accurate. My portrait is a true work of art and its image reminds me daily of a pure, genuine understanding of my own spirit. Jennifer is truly blessed with a keen intuitive nature and her dedication to raise the collective vibration is notably honorable.” – Natalia Bystrianyk, Artist, Singer, Actor, Graphic Designer www.nataliabystrianyk.com

“Jennifer’s Spirit Portrait has become like my own personal ‘gate card’, an enchanting and beautifully executed picture of who I really am. Looking at it reminds me of my true path and my potential, while it promotes my authenticity. I still can’t get over it… and I can’t tell you how much it has helped me just to look at it every day!!” – Heather Bellow, Massachusetts

trice atchison headshot“The depth of that reading was so powerful. Thank you!” – Trice Atchison, Massachusetts


“Thank you for the reading and for the wonderful painting. When I look at it, it makes me feel good about myself, and it gives me strength.” – Lisa Danyluk, Massachusetts

betsy bass photo“In her reading for me, Jennifer combined grace, beauty and inspiration with intelligence and practical advice. The spirit portrait that she created for me is wonderful- it is an artful way of combining the ancient wisdom of the Tarot with a beautiful image that clearly conveys a helpful message for me from Spirit. Thanks, Jennifer!” – Betsy Bass, Texas

kendal McTeigue headshot“With our hectic lives and crazy schedules, it was truly a blessing to slow down and participate in Jennifer’s Tarot class. I felt deeply nourished and grateful for the opportunity to feed and honor myself. What made it even better was the companionship and support of the other women in the group. It was a bit like a cozy “girls’ night out” with cards! Thank you Jennifer!” – Kendal McTeigue, Massachusetts

trice atchison headshot“Jennifer helped me to learn that I had the wisdom within me to receive guidance from the tarot myself. She cut through some misconceptions I had and got me to see certain formerly “dreaded” cards as true friends and messengers, rather than harbingers of bad fate. She let us know that the power is in our hands; the tarot is just a tool for self-understanding. Her easy, gracious manner and deep wisdom are a pleasure to be around. I’m so glad I took the class!” – Trice Atchison, Massachusetts