Why Small Actions Make a Big Difference

IMG_4980If you’ve had a Soul Realignment Reading with me, one of the things you’ve heard me talk about is the need to take action.  I talk a lot about this because it’s so tempting to take in all the interesting information about our souls and then continue living our lives in the same way.  Cheryl Richardson sums this up with her quote: “If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same life.”  It’s absolutely true! Energetic clearing work opens the door to all kinds of new possibilities, but it always requires action for us to walk through…and here is why:

We are spiritual beings having a human, 3rd dimensional experience, and we are here to create with our choices. While sometimes the experiences we create for ourselves can be unpleasant and make us wonder why the heck we would choose them… this is where we come to learn about our creation process.  We’re here to master our manifesting abilities.

Because things are denser at the 3rd dimension, we get to see our creative process in slow motion.  We can course correct and alter things before they come into being… thank goodness!  Isn’t it a good thing that we don’t instantly manifest everything we think about?

We get to experience our creations here in a way that just isn’t possible in any other dimension. It ‘s pretty cool when you think about it this way.

And that’s why we need action – that’s HOW we create in the 3rd Dimension.  We have bodies and we can DO things.  We move energy and shift things in our lives with our choices.   This is different from a decision that only takes place in the mental realm.  So when we want to create something new we need to move and take new actions.

When you have a Soul Realignment, you clear away the energies that are contributing to unhelpful choice patterns in your life. These energies are blocking you from fully experiencing your soul gifts.  This clearing happens at the 5th Dimension – it’s a soul-level clearing.  However in order for you to fully experience the effects in your 3rd Dimensional life… you must embody it and that’s where the new actions come in.

For example, one client had a program of anxiety affecting her ability to communicate freely and effectively.  As a result, she experienced extreme anxiety around speaking up as a child and developed a pattern of being shy.  Having that program of anxiety cleared brought a sense of relief and lifted the intense anxiety around speaking.   But guess what?  She had been living many lifetimes with a tendency to silence herself.  She had also come into adulthood in this lifetime with that coping pattern in place… so she was used to it.

The door was opened for her to have a new experience with the clearing, but she still had to take new action in order to fully embody the shift.  She started by asking questions in work meetings and chatting with strangers in line at the grocery store.  It didn’t feel comfortable, but it was do-able.  This led to other new actions that involved speaking up.

Every time she did this, it got a little easier, the anxiety started melting away, and other things started to change because now she was starting to share her opinions and express herself more fully.  Communication was actually one of her divine gifts and yet, she had been hiding her light because of the anxiety.  Little by little, with each new action more and more possibilities began opening up. It was a process, but it began a chain reaction of positive results because with each new action she was aligning with her soul.

So find a new action! Do something that gives you that sparkly, nervous, slightly terrified and a little bit excited feeling.  That’s usually the way a soul aligned action that we’re not quite used to yet will feel.

It doesn’t have to be massive, it could be something small… but big for you.  Give yourself the gift of blooming more fully into who you truly are in 2016.  Put your Soul Gifts into action by trying something new.

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