Unlock Your Soul Power

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Unleash your creative Soul!

You are a powerful creative soul with the potential to shine like a rare jewel and live a beautiful, abundant life.  It's your divine birthright and you already have the key to unlock this power right now by accessing your SOUL GIFTS!

If you want to LIVE LARGER, EXPRESS YOURSELF more authentically, CREATE BOLDLY  & attract more ABUNDANCE - you can, and your soul is guiding the way.  However, you have to learn to co-create with your divine intelligence to open the door to that flow. This is what being an empowered, creative soul is all about... and it's your SOUL PURPOSE.

Have you been dreaming Small?

Creative souls are the BIG DREAMERS on the planet - you're here to manifest a beautiful creation that can only come THROUGH YOU, but so often souls most gifted in dreaming the big dream are actually dreaming small for themselves.  Are you making yourself small?  

This is what happens when you're not living in your soul's true wealth, expression and power:  You don't see the abundant opportunities available to you, you tolerate things, and "get by".  You undervalue yourself, don't charge what your worth and deflect support.  You hide while simultaneously looking for validation.  You over-give and under-receive to the degree that your relationships, health and finances suffer.  And you spend a lot of time, money and energy directed to things that deplete you instead of filling you up.

The truth is you're not aligned with your SOUL's GENIUS and there are ENERGETIC KARMIC IMPRINTS standing in the way. You're not conscious of how you created these challenges, but you feel the frustration and limitation in your life nonetheless.

ARE you experiencing...

  • FEAR of BEING SEEN?  This imprint keeps so many creative souls hidden away and unable to share their gifts.  The result is always an experience of LACK.  We create abundance when we share our gifts.  If you're shut down down when it comes to sharing your work, marketing, and letting people know what you do... there are energetic blocks holding you back.  You may truly be an introvert (and that's ok!), but your authentic soul is not here to stay hidden and paralyzed into non-action.
  • A VICIOUS INNER CRITIC?  Our true soul nature is love, compassion and acceptance... but often the most beautiful, gentle creative souls are inwardly suffering from a deep sense of unworthiness, shame, and self-judgment.  Energetcially clearing the roots of these deep imprints can free your soul to heal and expand in ways you may not have ever thought were possible.
  • Anxiety and fears triggered by worrying about what "other people think"? This imprint often shows up as perfectionism and we can spin our wheels getting ready to create while nothing much is happening.  Your soul is designed to create with decisiveness and joy.
  • The Starving Artist?  Creativity and Money both resonate with the energy of expansion and go hand in hand.  Money is a creative tool and creative souls by divine right are connected with this flow.  You're here to experience an abundant journey! And yet, so often creatives have just the opposite experience.  It's time to clear those vows of poverty and liberate your soul's wealth.  When you clear these imprints for yourself, you not only shift your experience you become part of a new creative economy that values your gifts!

YOU have the power to create anything YOU want, & YOU create most powerfully & JOYFULLY when YOU make choices in alignment with Your soul gifts.

A Soul Realignment reveals your SOUL's TRUE ESSENCE & the KARMIC BLOCKS that have been keeping you from accessing it.  These ENERGETIC KARMIC BLOCKS  are CLEARED at soul level, freeing up your vital force energy so you can step into your power and transform your life.  If you're not ready to make some big shifts, then this isn't the reading for you.

If you are ready to live a more empowered and authentic life, this experience gives you the tools!  It's a catalyst for uncovering new possibilities and seeing opportunities that were hidden before. The old filters dissolve and you start seeing your life with fresh eyes. It will point you in the direction of your soul & help you find the action steps you can start taking right away to transform your life.

When you know your SOUL GIFTS, clear the energetic blocks, & combine this with new action you are activating powerful alchemy & potent manifesting.  You are the architect of your life & making tangible changes will require soul-aligned choices & actions on your part.  When the blocks are cleared, new doors open, bright ideas drop in... and you get to step through that door and BECOME the courageous creative soul you are, taking the steps necessary to transform your life.  

A soul realignment provides you with wisdom from the Akashic Records - the record of your soul's history.  The information you learn is a map to your inner riches.  It's still up to you to put this information into action.  The energetic clearing won't erase a lifetime of habits without your willingness to DO something new.  

massive shifts occur when you take your map, stretch into new action and start following a new path.  Your reading and the clearing work make that path visible & open channels of your soul's light to help you breakthrough the resistance that kept you from Following your dreams in the past.   

  YOur soul realignment INcludes: 

Your Soul Gifts

I'll look up your Soul Blueprint & your primary soul gifts.  This is the key to your abundance and where you'll find your flow.  We'll talk about how you can embrace these gifts and what's possible when you're living in alignment with them.  This information alone is a huge game-changer.

Your Primary Life Lesson

Learn what theme your soul chose to experience in your current lifetime.  We'll talk about how life lessons "work"  and how this theme is showing up for you.  We'll also discuss more empowering choices you can make to experience your life lesson in a positive way.

Your Spirit Guides

You are not alone!  You have a team of helpers that your soul hand picked for you to work with in this lifetime.  These loving guides are here to support you in living your soul purpose.  I'll give you some details about your "team" and we'll tap into their wisdom as we discuss next steps and guidance for moving forward.

Blocks & Restrictions

We'll dive deep into your soul's history to discover the energetic blocks and restrictions you've created.  Everyone has these, and we've created them ourselves through our choices.  Mostly, we have no conscious memory of how these were created... but we experience the difficulties they continue to generate.  If you've ever wondered why you keep experiencing the same roadblocks, and fighting the same battles, this information will explain a lot.

Past Lives

Often, the blocks & restrictions have been created in past lifetimes.  Your reading will reveal information about these past lives in order to uncover the root causes of patterns that aren't serving your soul.  You gain an understanding of the choices you made & the part you played.  It's extremely freeing & empowering to understand that we're never victims of randomness ~ you always have the power of choice to change your experiences for the better.

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Energetic Clearing & Healing in your Akashic Record

Your reading will include a deeply healing energetic clearing of all the blocks and restrictions we uncover.  This is like hitting the reset button.  This clearing is done in your Akashic Record prior to our conversation, so you can relax in knowing that your guides and spiritual helpers have your back and have taken care of this work for you in the higher realms.

Be You painting detail

Next Action Step

We always have to begin right where we are, and there are always choices available to us that align us with our soul gifts.  I will connect with your Spirit Guides during your session to help discern the areas of focus & next action steps you'll need to take to live a more soul-full life going forward. 

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A recording of Your 90 Minute Session

Because we connect via phone or Skype I am able to record your session & and send it to you.  You can get comfy & relax during your session because you can go back & listen as many times as you want.  You won't miss anything important & may discover that you get different insights when you re-listen down the road.

Key Painting by Jennifer Currie

Customized Homework

Because it's so important to take new action to ground the benefits of your reading, I send you some fun customized homework that you can begin right away.  It helps you integrate the clearing work, and bring a small but profound new action step into your daily life. 

Book your Soul Realignment Now!

This rich 90-120 Minute Soul Realignment experience is $497. Get started unleashing your soul power today!  Activate your Soul Gifts and clear the karmic blocks standing in your way.  This is a perfect way to step into the your BIG DREAM, so click below to purchase.  

After you visit PayPal you'll be redirected to a confirmation page where you can schedule your appointment and send me the information I need to prepare your reading.  I look forward to connecting with you! 

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"This is way beyond vision boarding.... it gave me details on Exactly what I needed to do."

"Working with Jennifer far exceeded any expectations I had going into it. She was able to retrieve relevant information from past lives to find what was blocking me and keeping me from moving forward with my goals. I gained insight and understanding on things I never would have known otherwise. In addition, by following Jennifer’s advice and doing my homework every night I definitely felt more clear and lighter each day. I felt connected like I never had before and had a whole new and intimate understanding of my soul. And if that wasn't enough, with my soul blueprint, Jennifer was able to pinpoint exactly what was working for me and exactly what I needed to work on which gave me a game plan! This is WAY beyond any sort of vision boarding or manifesting (although I like those things too). This actually gave me details on EXACTLY what I needed to do."

Lara Cornell, Artist    laracornell.com
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"Jennifer Lit a Pathway into my own soul."

Jennifer is a gifted intuitive guide who lit a pathway into my own soul. Working with her allowed me to connect with my spirit and recommit to lighting the world on fire with my gift in a gentle, nourishing, authentic and sustainable way. The Spirit Art she created has become a crucial element of my company’s brand and has attracted in such amazing clients and opportunities. In fact, I was so impressed by her approach and story that I invited her to speak at my annual live event and she wowed the crowd big time.

And I was doubly blessed when Jennifer decided to become a private client in one of my coaching programs. I had the privilege of guiding her to go big with her message and mission. I’m psyched to watch her rise up and do her work in the world. She is here to help many.

Want to get closer to your truth … and get the courage to live it? Work with Jennifer. Your life will never be the same.”

Jenny Fenig, Marketing + Soul Coach to Gutsy Entrepreneurs, jennyfenig.com

"In the time since my Soul Realignment I have had major breakthroughs in my business & my relationships."

“Jennifer Currie is a true healer. I have been fortunate enough to experience her healing magic multiple times. As an accountant I see lots of women entrepreneurs who have many blocks and restrictions around money, abundance and the value they bring to the world. I am convinced that having a Soul Realignment Session with Jennifer would help anyone eliminate years of struggle. I am going to start recommending that my clients have a Soul Realignment Session with her because I think it is that beneficial to being successful with money, business and self-worth. In the short time that has passed since my Soul Realignment Session I have had major breakthroughs in my business. I can see a bigger vision for myself than I was ever able to see and it’s coming quickly. I also had a session with her around relationships and dynamics that had not been working for years changed instantly. I am not exaggerating here, and am still surprised about it. If you are thinking about having a session with Jennifer, I highly recommend it. My life is getting richer by the day. I feel great about myself which is something I have always struggled with.”

Carol Leblanc, CPA carolleblanccpa.com

This reading is perfect for you if...

  • You're ready to take NEW ACTION to transform your life.
  • You're tired of the same old patterns of struggle and are ready to make bold changes.
  • You want to expand creatively and attract more abundance.
  • You're ready to take responsibility for what you've created so far, and step into a more empowered & authentic experience.
  • You want to understand your soul gifts and put them into practice.

  It's Not a great fit if...

  • You want a magical solution to your problems that doesn't involve any change on your part.
  • You want to browse through your past lives out of curiosity.
  • You're not willing to support your own shifts by taking new actions.
  • You're looking for a way to abdicate responsibility for your life and fortify your status as a victim of circumstances.
  • You're simply interested intellectually and/or are looking to study or meditate your way into a transformation (not that there's anything wrong with study or meditation... it's just that you won't experience 3rd dimensional results without taking 3rd dimensional action.)

The Experience:

We’ll connect via phone, so settle into a comfy spot with a cup of tea, glass of water and notebook close by. I open your Akashic Records to gather your information and do your clearing prior to our session.

Once the session begins I'll share all of the information with you, let you know what was cleared, and we'll talk about new empowered choices you can make going forward. I will send you customized "homework" following your reading to help you integrate the vibrational shifts and take new action that aligns to your Soul. You'll also receive a recording of your reading so you can relax and take everything in if you prefer not to take notes.

*If you are outside the US we'll connect via Zoom

Book your Soul Realignment Now!

This rich 90-120 Minute Soul Realignment experience is $497. Get started unleashing your soul power today!  Activate your Soul Gifts and clear the karmic blocks standing in your way.  This is a perfect way to step into the your BIG DREAM, so click below to purchase.  

After you visit PayPal you'll be redirected to a confirmation page where you can schedule your appointment and send me the information I need to prepare your reading.  I look forward to connecting with you! 

"Just a few weeks following my reading, the results were apparent when I sold my first painting!"

"My Soul Realignment Reading was inspirational and led to true self-empowerment. Jennifer accesses the Akashic Records with ease and breaks issues down in a surprisingly accessible way. Just a few weeks following my reading, the results were apparent when I sold my first painting! It is clear that my blocks and restrictions are not a factor any more, freeing me to create, put myself out in the open, and accept compliments and compensation. I can’t thank Jennifer enough, and recommend her readings tremendously. ”

Natalia Bystrianyk, Artist nataliabystrianyk.com
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"My reading left me feeling heard, understood & fueled with new tools to tackle the road ahead."

"Jennifer has a wonderful intuitive sense that leaves you feeling heard, understood, and fueled with new tools to tackle the road ahead. I went in feeling lost, but left with several images blazed into my heart and mind as personal icons to call on for support! We can take responsibility for the things we do and overcome habits and patterns that no longer serve our current selves. Jennifer’s guidance provides a safe, light-filled, and knowledgeable format in order to see past these roadblocks.”

Claudia Laslie, Entrepreneur & Realtor 
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"Everything she saw about me was 100% accurate... many things have shifted as i now have heaps more confidence to step fully on my path."

"I will do my best to put into words the extraordinary gifts Jennifer’s session brought me…

Firstly, it seemed to have stopped time. During our session she connected me with my purpose, gave me huge and timely insights into my life, highlighted where I was most stuck, and gave powerful tools to help me flow naturally with my purpose. How on earth was that an hour?!

Everything she saw about me in the reading was 100% accurate. It gave me so many insightful realizations and triggered profound releases in me ~ tears through most of the session in response to things that resonated with such deep truth.

Jennifer is authentic, with a kind, gentle nature, and her work comes straight from the heart. In an hour she provided comfort, hope and direction. Many things have shifted as I now have heaps more confidence to step fully onto my path. I really can’t begin to describe the feelings of relief and the joyful lightness-of-being that she has blessed me with.

With immense gratitude.”

Emily Alfono, Yoga Instructor & Creative Spirit 
claudia laslie headshot

"To know the answers as to why things are as they are in my life, and to have that energy cleared is a blessing and a relief."

"The Soul Realignment Reading resonate with me deeply.  I feel a great sense of relief and a deep sense of 'knowing.'  What I learned in my reading was indeed the answer to so many of my questions at this time of transformation in my life.  As Jennifer spoke, I felt like questions I have been asking for many, many years were answered and energy was released as we discussed each block/restriction.  It rang true on so many levels.  To know the answers as to why things are as they are in my life, and to have that energy cleared is a blessing and a relief.  Now I'm prepared to move forward embracing this new clear energy."

Liz Porter, Virginia 

Book your Soul Realignment Now!

This rich 90-120 Minute Soul Realignment experience is $497. Get started unleashing your soul power today!  Activate your Soul Gifts and clear the karmic blocks standing in your way.  This is a perfect way to step into the your BIG DREAM, so click below to purchase.  

After you visit PayPal you'll be redirected to a confirmation page where you can schedule your appointment and send me the information I need to prepare your reading.  I look forward to connecting with you! 


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are the Akashic Records?

How is an Akashic Record Reading different from an astrology, tarot or other type of intuitive session?

Why are my intentions important to a reading?

What are "blocks and restrictions"?

DO YOU HAVE A CREATIVE BUSINESS?  If you're really looking for a bold step, the most radical thing you can do on your creative soul journey is get support!  A SOUL REALIGNMENT is one of the first things I do with every one of my coaching clients to clear the blocks and build on a solid foundation.  If you've been going it alone without much success and want to know how CREATIVE SOUL COACHING can help you tap into your soul's wealth and create your big vision... I invite you to CLICK HERE and fill out a form for a DISCOVERY SESSION.  I look forward to connecting with you soon! xo